Did you know there are a fair number of quilters who also sail?   Last year, I even got to meet one (Harriet) when our paths  and boats crossed in the ICW.  Small world.  Well, I will be going off for a bareboat charter sail again, this time with my friend, Lori and our men to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) once again.

We plan to snorkel:

And drink painkillers:

and, of course, sail.  This trip, we are trying out a new boat- as you can see, a catamaran (Sunsail 384):

Also, I get to visit my sister, too, while we are in the Florida area.  Life is indeed good!

Plus, there is a chance our next trip in 2011 will be in the Bahamas.  Love the Caribbean and white sands beaches.  Which reminds me- I shall have to add to my collection this trip:

I promise to have lots of stories to tell you when we get back!    Of course, a big “Thank You,” to my friend, Mae, who is babysitting the house and pets!

In case you stumbled across this post, my husband and I love to bareboat charter, which is a term that means we rent a sailboat in exotic locations and sail the boats ourselves.  We act as Captain and crew.  There are yacht businesses all over the world to charter from, but you do have to prove that you can actually sail.

This trip, we are taking our friends, Larry and Lori, who have never sailed before.  We plan to introduce them to sailing in a stunning location and see if they like it.

That’s all for now.  I will keep a journal of the trip and a sketch pad to draw what I see.  Cheers and fair weather!!  Carla

7 thoughts on “Sailing

  1. The bright red paprika sand in the foreground…what does that label say?????

    Have a fabulous time, I’m sure you will and let me know about the cat…I’ve been on some, but never sailed one much.

  2. After a trip to Sedona, I decided to expand my collection to include river sand, too. It is from Sedona, Arizona.

    This will be our second time sailing a cat. The first time was a few years ago on a Lagoon 440.

    Joe and I have been looking for a small sailboat that we can trailer and use in the lakes here in CA. Not a bluewater boat, but a coastal cruiser.

    Do you miss your boat??

  3. Off on another adventure. Have fun, stay safe and take lots of photos.

    “Do you miss your boat?” My last boat was the USS Bon Homme Richard LHD-6 and we ‘sailed’ from Rio south thru the Strait of Magellan and then into San Diego. Not the same kind of sail but there is nothing like the cradling comfort of sleeping on the water.

  4. Carla, Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Wish I could have been there! I have collected a little sand myself from trips. I really like the jars you are using. Do you mind telling where you got them?

    • I found some lovely spice jars on closeout, so I bought up several boxes. The place to look for cool jars like these are in the aisle that has spice racks or kitchen stores. Good luck!

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