iphone 4

If there is a new technology, you can bet I will get my hands on one.  The iphone 4 was released today and I must say I am impressed with the new technology and features.

Most noticable is the improved resolution of the screen and the higher resolution camera.  Tap the little icon while using the camera and the screen switches to a front view.  Tap it again and view reflects the back of the the viewfinder.

It also has video conferencing feature and more.  In case you are wondering… no, I am not upgrading my current 3G iphone.  I just have my sources for getting my hands on new products on release dates to try out and blog about.

As always, the only downside to any iphone or ipad device is the weakness of the AT&T network.   I personally have had issues with AT&T while traveling last month.  I had problems with accessing mail on both my ipad and iphone.  Even their website mail page would not work.

Thus said, I still love my ipad and iphone.   For my trip, I have already loaded several new movies to watch on the plane, a dozen new books on my Kindle app to read, and some new music to listen to while I am lazing in the sun.

So…   has anyone purchased one yet or are planning to?


12 thoughts on “iphone 4

  1. I still have the original Iphone and am planning on getting the new one in a couple of months when it is generally available. Luckily, the at&t network is good around here.

    • Melinda, the best way to order, imho, is to do it online. It shows up without driving to an Apple store and hoopla.

      I think I may spring for the 4.1 model when they make it (one day).

  2. My husband got his yesterday. He’s having the antenna problem where, when you hold it in your hand your signal strength decreases. My BIL out in California got one too (he got it the day before) and because he’s a letter carrier, keeps his in his pocket and relies on his bluetooth headset. He has no signal problems.
    I’m sticking with my 3GS with the new iOS4 operating system for awhile. I’m a tech gadget girl too, but I have too many other things on my wish list that take priority (Lightroom 3/PS CS5)

    • Robin, I saw that on the news last night about the antenna issue.

      I’m with you, I am sticking with my current model. I am actually on my 2nd iphone now.

      Yep, I have my wish list, too, so I fully understand.

  3. nope. no iphone for me. i loathe everything about at&t and i’m not a huge fan of apple.

    i will hold out until i am due for an upgrade with my provider and get the htc evo (which tends to have an overall higher ranking than the iphone).

  4. There was a line clear around the store and down the mall at the Apple store here. I am considering the Verizon Droid, also.
    AT&T service is quite awful here. But I have discovered that part of the bad service may be phone related. DH has a 1 yr old Samsung smartphone with Verizon which he has to answer anywhere but the kitchen or living room. Yeah, he has good signal in other parts of the house. My BB curve has no such problems but I bought mine as a “communication device” (email, browser plus phone) where as DH wanted to be able to play solitaire and oh yeah, it’s a phone.

  5. I am not getting one. If Att worked around here I may consider, but alas, no. I have to have Verizon. Not only does it work best here, my daughter and most of her contacts are verizon, and it saves oodles to be on the same network.

    I love my droid though!

  6. I am content with my 3GS for now.. I am not one to run out and get the newest thing.. when what i have works just fine.. I love mine tho.

  7. I have the old 3G (not 3GS) and am not jumping. I have really liked my phone, and since it still works just fine, will stick with it for awhile. I am looking at the Droid also, but not seriously ………. Some day …………

  8. My beloved pink cell phone died last week. I could not find a new pink one I liked, so I had to make up for losing the pinkness with coolness! I got the HTC Evo from Sprint and love it! I would have gone with the iphone, but I don’t do business with AT & T….

    The Evo has a lot of rockin features, and is way beyond my skill level, but I’m learning! I haven’t figured out a lot of it yet, but it is cool with the layar app, and GPS, and I can get the radio on it! I like the Goggle, and the speed trap one too! LOL!!

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