Catch Up!

This morning, I took Oscar back to the vet for another check-up.  He is going stir crazy in the house, but he is now an inside cat for the time being.  His injury is slowly healing, but there is one spot that is slow to heal.  Oscar is now on a new antibiotic and allergy meds.  Also a rabies booster.

Thanks for all your inquiries about my kitty.

On the quilty front, I have Doug’s next trailer quilt on the machine table.  You might remember my previous post about Doug, who co-owns the local quilt store and creates Tear drop and larger trailers from scratch.  He is a craftsman, plus he quilts.  I have quilted all his trailer quilts, so he came to me when he needed this one done.

On the beady front, I am working on a new charm bracelet and a peyote beaded project.

Yesterday, I did have another spine injection (my 3rd since Dec), so I am taking it easy today, letting my body heal.  Have you noticed there are a lot of machine quilters who have spine issues?  What is up with that?

Your turn!  I want to know what YOU are up to.  Hugs, Carla


5 thoughts on “Catch Up!

  1. Oh my! That sounds painful to me, I sure hope it helps!!! I have noticed that I have developed serious discomfort in my shoulders and neck. It hurts when I quilt, when I sew and in between. I find myself not taking breaks often enough, I try push through a quilt and my back is just exhausted when I am done. I am not talking about 10 hours stretches, just normal daily activity.

    I hope I don’t have to get those type injections down the road, but if I had to choose between a life without pain vs life without quilting, it is a no brainer. I will deal with the pain!

    Your quilting is divine, and I hope your back issues will heal so you can enjoy your crafts!

    Take care!!!!!!!

  2. Oh my, I forgot to ask about Oscar when I emailed yesterday. Glad to hear that he’s on the mend. Hopefully the shot does the trick for you so you have some relief.

  3. Carla, Check out for a CranioSacral Therapist in your area.
    VERY gentle work & amazingly effective for neck, low back, mid back &/or disc pain.
    Take it from me: you can go a LOT longer between shots w/ a LOT less pain!

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