Gobble Gobble

Can anyone guess what he is doing?

I took this picture at my back door.  He is looking at himself in the french door window and thinks it is a rival come to take over his turf and women.  Here is the proof:

He was posturing and strutting his manly self back and forth for almost a half hour.  It was pretty funny.  He was clueless that my cat walked right by him or I was on the other side of the window taking pictures.

How many people get visiting turkeys, cows or other wildlife to entertain them?

A shout out to all the fathers reading this.  Enjoy your day!  I tried to spoil Joe and make HIM coffee for a change, but for some reason, he turned me down.  I did buy him a Kitchen Aid mixer and a fancy 4 qt. cast iron cooker for his Father’s Day present.  I fully support having a man who cooks, so I want to encourage him.  LOL

Off to call my father now and wish him a happy day!  Carla

5 thoughts on “Gobble Gobble

  1. Love the turkey… the benefits of living in the country. Happy Father’s Day to Joe. Shannon’s taking her Dad out for breakfast in a few minutes and I get to tag along.

  2. A gal in my quilt guild had a peacock show up at her door a few weeks ago. He’s now a permanent fixture at her place; she started putting food out for him, so it’s his place now. Not sure where he came from, either! Enjoy your gobbler!

  3. Carla,
    That is soooooo funny about the turkey! Are they yours, or wild turkeys? I’ll be chuckling all night over him “protecting his turf!” We’ve had major problems with the raccoons getting in the trash cans, and my neighbors just told me that along with the raccoons, they saw a Bobcat spreading our trash around!

    I’ve been looking for it every time I hear a noise, but won’t be venturing out for photos! LOL!!

  4. There is an intersection near our house that often has wild turkeys running around. They chase cars! I was stopped at the stop sign, and this bird kept running circles around my car. I was afraid to drive on, and perhaps run him over! I finally rolled down my window and yelled and waved my arms enough for him to back off enough so I could continue on. Perhaps he thought my car was a giant turkey on his property?

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