WIP Wednesday

Hello, I have been quilting and beading like mad…I should have some cool photos to show you by tomorrow of the quilt I am finishing for Nancy.  From a quilting standpoint, it does present some design challenges, but I will show you how I got around it.

I am also waiting for my new computer motherboard upgrade for my longarm machine.  I decided it was time to upgrade at last, bringing my machine up to speed with the latest edition.

Wonder how Oscar is?  Oscar is my favorite kitty, and he follows me around all day from room to room.  Nirvana for him is laying across my chest, purring, and wanting attention.  Here is what Oscar looks like:

Oscar was attacked by an unknown animal, and so off to the vet we went.  Right now, Oscar is feeling much better, halfway through his antibiotics.  I take him back to the vet next week for his rabies booster, and to double check how his infection is.

Joe has been lobbying me for a new dog to replace Rex.  I have been dragging my feet as Rex is a hard dog to follow.  If we consider doing this, what breed this time?  I think I would want a smaller dog than Rex- who was about 100 pounds.  The dog would need to be friendly, yet bark when strangers show up.  Nice around the grandkids, too, and not a biter.   What breed do you feel fits the bill?

That’s all for now.  Look for another yacht trip soon, more quilts, and a summer beading project.  Hugs, Carla


18 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. We always had daschunds when I was growing up. They bark, but they don’t bite, and they don’t shed. My dad always said the main problem was they thought they were people.

  2. Lurker coming out… we found a great puppy at the pound. He’s a shepherd mix (mixed with more than one thing we’re sure) about 40 pounds. Has all the characteristics you described. We’ve had him a year in June and had to put in our time up front – exercise, discipline, affection, but he’s turned from a rambunctious pup into a lovely dog.

  3. Oh boy, somewhere out there is an extremely lucky dog, about to become Oscar’s brother or sister. 😀

    Really Carla, virtually ANY breed, depending on the individual doglet, would fill that bill. I’d also urge you to adopt from a shelter or breed rescue, at the very least, buy from a reputable breeder after much research and referrence checking. (Ha! Like that isn’t already your MO with everything!) Never, ever, ever, EVER buy from a pet store. All that does is promote puppy mills and unspeaklable misery.

    Sorry for the soap-box approach, but my husband and I have been involved with animal welfare/rescue for decades and see what happens to the ones that don’t luck out and get to live with a family like yours. Take your sweet time to get the perfect match, then post hundreds of pictures!! ;-P

  4. Our ‘granddog’ was rescued after she was found disheveled and flea-bitten, wandering outdoors – turned out her doting, elderly owner had died and someone dumped her (SUPER SHAME on them).

    Lots of great resuce dogs would LOVE to come and live with you.

    You’ll know when the right one looks up at you!

  5. Julie and Oreneta, yes, that is how I will find the right dog. My problem is I want to take them ALL home.

    Another option is to foster rescue dogs or train one for a time period to be a companion dog.

    Of course, I first need to go on my next boat trip, then I will think seriously about it.

    Thanks for the input!! Hugs, C

  6. Ooooo, that’s a scary event to happen! Poor Oscar. I’m glad he’s feeling a bit better. No wonder you’re thinking of getting another dog.
    Oscar reminds me of our cat. She joins me around the house; I think she’s asleep atop our couch where I’m sitting. The next thing I know, she’s followed me upstairs to watch me quilt. She’ll even come when I call her name. (Cat)
    We were outside, closing up the chickens when I realized a skunk had wandered into the backyard. It saw me, tail went straight up in the air, then it turned around to leave. Our cat went right after it, probably thinking it another cat with which to play. I said ‘No! Cat!’. And bless her heart, the cat froze.
    Good luck with your new dog. I hope she’s just perfect for you.

    • Hi Carla, wow, so glad Cat listened to you! She sounds like a wonderful kitty!

      My first thought was that skunks out in daytime are more likely to have rabies. Plus they are so smelly!

      Thanks for sharing, Carla! C

  7. Carla,
    I lost my most beloved dog last summer. It was devastating. I did a lot of research as to what dog I could get as I most definitely did not want to repace my Rotti X as no dog would measure up and it just would not be fair to the puppy.
    After a lot of soul searching as to what would be a good fit, I found the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. GSMD or Swissy as it is sometime called. It is not a very common breed but, I can tell you he is loyal, kind, gentle, very quick to notify us when someone arrives, and great with children. They do not have really high energy levels and that fit’s my lifestlye well. He goes out for walks happily but if I cannot take him everyday he is also fine with that. They are considered a dry mouth dog and he does not drool like my American bulldog another bonus.
    You may not have considered a GSMD but, really check them out. I LOVE my puppy (just turned a year 2 days ago.) They are absolutely beautiful dogs without an ounce of aggression but very loyal and loving.
    Good luck with the search.
    BTW I really loved your class at MQS it was one of the highlights of the week.
    Take care,

  8. Hi Lisa, thank you for the nice complement about my class.

    So sorry to hear of your loss of your previous dog, it sure does hurt when you lose them, doesn’t it?

    I had not heard of the GSMD, so thank you for educating me. It sounds like you picked well and have another wonderful pet to share your home with.

    Thanks for writing. Hugs, Carla

  9. Hi Carla!
    Glad to hear Oscar is fine! I agree with Lisa, a Swissy would be a great dog for you with the cattle and all! But then you have to do the puppy thing, so a nice, grateful adult from the pound may require a lot less energy! LOL!

    Skunks are possible rabies carriers, however, seeing one out in the day time does not necessarily mean it is rabid. If the skunk has growing babies, they WILL venture out for food. The other thing about skunks is that they have really poor vision. They also do not like loud noise at all, so if you ran up on one, or yelled at it, it would more than likely freak out, and it would act erratically because they can’ t see that well! That is why they often are considered rabid, when in fact, they just need laser surgery and are trying to feed the little ones! LOL!! Playing a loud radio is how you get rid of skunks. I play my radio loud all night, and the raccoons don’t mind at all! They still knock over the trash cans, pull the food right on top of hubby’s car, and enjoy dinner with the lights and the noise!

    Don’t ask my why my brain can retain all this information about wildlife, yet can’t usually tell you what day it is…..

  10. Years ago, I had a rescue dog~the doggie love of my life~~a full blooded Norwegian Elkhound.
    Some very morally challenged person had stabbed him & dumped him. My son found him on the street & brought him home, where I took him in & got him well.
    Cosmo was everything you were asking for: loyal, loving, calm, & barked the minute anyone drove onto my property. But if he saw that I was ok with the person, he was sweet & calm as can be.
    He awaits me on the other side & I am so glad he lived with me the last year & 1/2 of his life.

  11. Your quilt it Beauuuutifu!!! Interested to see what dog you end uy getting. We have a Poodle…very affectionate and very good guard dog…and doesnt shed hair as she has’wool’

  12. We have had a cocker spaniel (looked more like a small irish setter), a german shephard, and a couple of chows. I also have five cats and was without a dog. I immediately thought about another chow (ours were great with little kids, cats, not a lap dog but very protective). Unfortunately I couldn’t find one from a rescue shelter. My husband has a customer who has a brussels griffon and he fell in love with it. So off I went looking for a brussels. I found one on petfinder on a saturday morning and immediate drove over an hour to meet her. She was just put up on the site a few hours earlier and she went home with me. I have never had a more entertaining, loving, and fun dog than her. She is great with other dogs, and cats, loves everyone (other than people walking by our house, once I let them in she knows it’s okay to love them too). She is extremely smart, loves to play, is feisty, wants to be with you, and very easy to take along when traveling. A perfect dog in my opinion.

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