Fiber Pendant Necklace

I was digging through my beading boxes and found this little gem:

 This is a painted fiber bead wire wrapped pendant with beads and fibers.  Kumihimo necklace finishes this simple, yet cool fiber necklace.

I have been quilting, also working on some bead projects this week.  I have been slacking in the creativity department of late, so I thought it was time to get inspired!  Look for some interesting items coming up!

I want to know where this week went and who took it?  Why does time fly by so quickly?   What is your theory?  Hugs, Carla


5 thoughts on “Fiber Pendant Necklace

  1. when ya find out who is stealing all the time let me know…I’ll have a go at…at least you seem to achieve something, my weeks are disappearing at a rate of knots and nothing to show for them…grrr…i lovewhat you get done…maybe it’s you?? lol or maybe it’s this damn puter…time…beautiful creations as per usual…you are one crafty lady…lol

  2. The days fly by — I feel good if I’m making progress — ready for a border on a quilt using all Australian fabric — each fabric is not appealing at all but when I look at this quilt I’m amazed at how much I like it.

    Carla, you are amazing with the amount of creative work you accomplish and it’s all so fantastic — when they handed out the creative stuff you must have been first in line.

    Will I see you this weekend?

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