Oscar Attacked!

While I was away, my favorite kitty, Oscar, was attacked by some raccoons.  Here is Oscar in younger days:

Joe called me while I was in Kansas to report a wound back by Oscar’s tail.  Hmmm…. we have a number of wild critters living here on the ranch,  so I was thankful he had escaped.

Since Rex passed away, we have noticed more wild animals coming closer to our house- coyotes, skunks, raccoons, deer, etc.

Last night, we figured out that raccoons were coming through our cat door into the garage to eat the catfood.   Joe saw one in the garage, so he blocked access and kept them out last night.  We will do a permanent fix, since we need to keep our kitties safe.

I know you can buy cat doors that opens only if your cat wears a special collar.  We tried this previously, but the cats just didn’t respond to training.  I will look into it once again now.

Enjoy your week!  Carla


22 thoughts on “Oscar Attacked!

    • Robin, Molly is a cutie! We are going to lock up the cat door and also put out irish springs soap and play a radio station, too. We want to see if this works before plopping down $100 for a new raccoon proof cat door.

  1. We have one of those magnetic cat doors, but we also have very smart raccoons who quickly figured out how to trip the catch with their claws… the only way to REALLY keep the raccoons out is to lock the door as soon as it gets dark out. (or stop keeping dry cat food out — we stopped having problems altogether when our cat switched to canned food for health reasons)

  2. I opened the door to the garage to let the dogs out and there was a possum looking back at me – I was definitely the more shocked of the two of us

  3. Hey Carla!
    You may want to have Oscar re-boostered on his rabies shot. Raccoons carry rabies, and when people bring in their pets that have been in a scuffle with one, we always re-booster. Rabies is transmitted through saliva, and humans can catch it. It is so serious, only those of us that have had our human rabies shots are allowed near, and we will still glove up and gown before touching anything involved with a raccon fight.

    If he was bitten by an opossum, they do not carry rabies – they are very resistant to the virus.

    Just because raccoons are carriers, does not mean it is active, but better safe than sorry! Poor Oscar! Looks like he came out pretty good though – raccoons will usually gang up on a kitty or small animals so maybe it was just one, or Oscar is a manly kind of kitty!

    • Thanks for the tip! Just to be sure, I made an appointment for Oscar to see the vet tomorrow. I bet they will test Oscar for rabies and also re-booster. I also want them to check out the wounds, too.

      Oscar was running when attacked as the injuries are on his hind quarter. Not sure how manly that is, but I am glad the attack was not fatal.

      I appreciate your advice! Thanks, Carla

  4. Wow, that could have been very scary to have found them in numbers in the garage! I personally would have been freaked out by just one. Good thing Joe wasn’t cornered or attacked by one.

    Miss Rex stories and pictures…I especially enjoyed the one where he is grazing with the cows.

    • Yes, everyone who knew Rex sure misses him. Do you remember the time Rex and the raccoon fought to the death? The vet said Rex was lucky as usually the raccoon wins.

      I miss that dog!

  5. A couple of summers ago I had racoons in the house in TO, got a few blog posts out of THAT one. Cat flap was the problem there too. They can be very nasty critters.

    • I agree!! Will be locking up/blocking the cat door for awhile. Also trying some other tricks. I read online that raccoons hate irish spring soap and wont come if they hear the radio on.

      • Hey mom, the radio trick doesn’t work as a permanent fix. When I was at the Debbie Ln house, we had raccoons who wouldn’t leave even when one of my roommates tried to scare them. We tried lights, constant noise, etc and they seemed to adapt really quick. They’re really smart. I get them around my house at night and they’ve pried a door open for my storage beneath my porch.

        I think a new pet is on the horizon…. 🙂

  6. So glad Oscar is ok & seeing the vet today! I never knew ‘coons could be that viscious in a fight!! `:-{
    I live where there are lots of wildlife in our neighborhood; so all my animals sleep inside & no cat/doggy door for me!!

  7. We have the “raccoon in the garage” problem, too. Happens every year, spring through fall. Only solution is to keep the garage closed as soon as dusk arrives.

    I am surprised your cat was attacked, however. Usually dogs will run into raccoons but cats typically stay clear of them. I have found our cat sitting on top of our car just watching a raccoon eat all his food. Sigh.

    Hope Oscar mends quickly.

  8. I don’t know if you have them in the States, but we have a catflap which responds to our cats microchips. It’s a lot safer than the magnetic collar ones as they can’t lose it. It took them about a day to get used to the “clunk” as the door unlocks and we’ve not had problems with other cats coming in since we got it.

    • Thanks, Helen. Our current flap is one of those magnetic collar opening ones- but the problem is our cats never could figure it out, even with training. Hmmm… the microchip one sounds interesting, I will have to search the web. Thanks for your tip.

  9. I have a friend that lives in California that put in one of those cat doors that only opens when the cat has the collar on. She thought it would keep the raccoons out. It worked just when it was new. The raccoons figured out how to pry it open and get in anyway. The big problem was that it led directly into her house. She had to put a heavy trash can in front of the door on the outside each night before it got dark or they would get into her house. We were visiting once and got home after dark and two raccoons ran from her kitchen out the cat door as we came in and turned on the lights. Rather scary as we wondered if there were anymore hiding some place inside. Don’t know if there are different types of these doors but make sure it can’t be pried open – those raccoons are pretty resourceful.

    • Lynn, there are a few brands on the market that claim to be raccoon proof. For right now, we are blocking the cat door until we come up with a better idea. LOL

  10. Oscar update: Took him to the vet on Wed., only the vet had an emergency just before I arrived. I rescheduled this appt. for Sat. morning. Will keep you posted.

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