Antique Beads and More!

While I was visiting Missouri, I dragged took Joe “antiquing.”  My cool finds were a jar full of antique buttons and one very large quart size jar of antique beads!   Here is a picture of  some of the beads:

Here is a bag full of glass or real pearls:

And metal beads, large beads, charms and chains:

Then here is the best find of them all; my mothers pile of costume jewelry:

I plan to make something for my sister and I with some of the costume jewelry.  I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so I will keep mum!

I also picked up 3 new books on beading for inspiration:

Last night, I started a new project to showcase the silver leaf with small crystals embedded.  I am playing with the idea of hanging the pendant off from a thin spiral peyote  bead necklace:

Not sure how this will pan out, but this is how I design… just start and change directions if need be.  The spiral beaded chain may be too heavy for the silver leaf.  If so, I will change the beaded necklace design.

What are you creating or working on?


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