Meet Kate

During my vacation, I got to spend lots of quality bonding time with the grandkids.  Jack is very funny and is also very active.  Kate, who was born earlier this year, is a nursing baby, so I haven’t babysat her very often before this trip.

Here is a picture of Kate, lifted borrowed from my DIL’s facebook page:

I was so excited to get to know Kate on this family trip.  I got to hold her quite a bit and play noise games back and forth.  She melts my heart, just like Jack did at this age.  I freely admit to being mushy, but grandmothers are known to do this on occasion.

Anyway, I haven’t written much about the grandkids in a long while, so I thought it was time.  Next post tomorrow: my funny car rental story.  Real life happens when you least expect it.


6 thoughts on “Meet Kate

  1. Kate looks very much like my Lily looked as an infant. She has been wrapping us around her little finger for four years now. How wonderful you got to spend time with your grands!

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