I’m Back!!!

Back home now from teaching at International Machine Quilting Showcase (MQS) and visiting my family in Missouri.  Had a great time during my travels and have LOTS of stories to tell you in the coming week (s)- including adventures that always seem to happen to me. LOL!

This was my first year teaching at MQS and my classes went great!  So good, I was already asked back for next year!  What a wonderful complement.

The Good News: Meeting people, socializing, teaching, booths, making new friends, etc.

The Bad News: The death of my beloved tablet laptop- the tool I use to draw my cartoon and draw on quilts.  This means I need to research and buy a new one.  I did get about 5 years out of it, so I knew it was on its last leg.  May it rest in peace!

Anyway, It is good to be home again, and I must say I missed all of you!  Stay tuned for my first story…. it involved an airplane & the drama of plastic burning smell with 6 family members on board the plane.   Until then….


7 thoughts on “I’m Back!!!

  1. Glad you’re back home. I’d be interested in your research as I’ve been thinking my next computer will be a tablet model compatible with Corel Draw.

  2. Glad you’re back and had a great time. Love your stories. Showed your web site to my wonderful DIL, her mother has started beading. She was blown away with your quilting.

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