Feathered Fibers Items Revealed!

I travel tomorrow,  Mother’s Day,  for my classes I’m teaching at International Machine Quilting Showcase held in Overland Park, KS.

I decided to bring some FeatheredFibers items with me,  let me show you my very first items that I am offering.  My favorite items are the embroidered machine quilting work aprons.  There is one design for chicken fans and one design with my longarm logo.  One says “Longarm Quilter” and the other “Artistic Quilter.”   After all, if you machine quilt, you are an artistic quilter!:

Then there is a messenger bag for all- including those Quilt Whispering students who wish to pack your tablets and laptops.  Here is one embroidered with my longarm logo:

Here is another must have- an embroidered zipper front, sweatshirt with your choice of two embroidered designs.  One is a chicken and one is a longarm:

Here are some tote bags to carry home all those purchases you are bound to get:

Plus, use these in public and I bet quilters will approach you.  Great way to promote your home business!

I also have t-shirts, too, with a variety of designs.   This is my first offerings… I also have future plans to feature full cartoons on bags, other items, plus framable prints, cards and calender.

Thanks to Dennis & Dory Miller for thier hard work with embroidery and screenprinting the items for me.  They were wonderful to interact with and I can highly recommend thier business!

Look for me and my items at MQS!  One way to track me down is to visit my classroom before and after my classes.    Hope to see you there!  Carla


11 thoughts on “Feathered Fibers Items Revealed!

    • Hi Bev, Yes, they will be available in June. I have to set up my Art Fire site- which is similar to etsy- when I get back. After MQS, I am visiting my father, who lives in MO.

    • Hi Sharon, on the way to the airport, I was thinking and hoping I would see you. Perhaps another time… Hugs, Carla

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you and happy traveling. Have fun and enjoy meeting all the quilters you’ve only known on the internet. Wish I could be there. Take pictures.

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