ipad, iphones, i oh my!

Wondering where I have been?  I have been enjoying my new ipad and enjoying all the features.  It does so much!

Sometimes I can be a blond without trying very hard.  Today, I lost my iphone, luckily it was found by a good Samaritan, who called Joe.  In case you are wondering how I lost it, it fell out of my purse, which doesn’t have a zipper closure.  I now have a very good reason to go buy a new purse… LOL

Speaking of retail therapy, I bought 2 pairs of Privo shoes today.  They are very comfy, too.  I also bought some camisoles that you wear under low cut shirts so you can control not showing too much boobage.  Not a good look on anyone over 50….  LOL

Tomorrow is a fun day!  I’m traveling with my Studio Art Quilters Association (SAQA) group to the Quilt Museum in San Jose.  We get a special tour.  I bet my face hurts from all the laughter.  They are a fun bunch of gals!

That’s it!  I need to QW and draw on some quilt pictures now.  Hugs, C


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