Today, my new 3G ipad arrives!  I received a message and tracking number from Apple saying it shipped.  I decided to wait until the 3G model arrived to get one, actually, Joe bought it for me as my Mother’s Day gift since he knew I wanted the 3G  feature.

My iphone has  3G  and I love it, too.  No waiting for wifi, I can get my emails, surf the web,  and download Apps, books, music and movies anytime.

Thanks to all the lovely readers who said they wanted tickets to the Guild quilt I quilted.  I hope to get my emails written tonight.  You all are awesome!!

That’s all from the Ranch!!  Oh yes, I almost forgot… Joe found a turkey egg on the driveway.  Why the turkey would lay it there is anyone’s guess.  I took pictures then hid it in the tall grass.  The egg is very interesting, larger than a chicken (as you would expect).  Vicki Welsh would love it since she has her bird cameras.


4 thoughts on “iFriday!

  1. You should have eaten the egg! Chickens lay them all the time without meaning to hatch them.
    And congrats on such a great Mother’s Day gift. Joe is a total sweetheart.

  2. Cannot wait to get your feedback on the iPad. I am trying to decided what to buy myself for my birthday in June – an iPad or a Accuquilt Go……….tough decision.


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