Sneak Peek

Want to see a sneak peek of the Feathered Fibers denim embroidered work apron?  Dory’s blog shows a picture of them hanging on her longarm table since she shares her yurt with her husband, Dennis and his business.

Half the aprons will have my chicken in the design and the other half has my longarm logo design on it.   All the products will be going to MQS, and I will sell them before and after my classes.    Pretty cool, huh?

I also have some more good news to share:  I have been too busy to eat, but I have tried to stick with my diet.  I stepped on the scale, not knowing what to expect, and I am down about 4 more lbs.!

To celebrate, I partook in some retail therapy the other day at Chico’s and Macy’s.  I bought about 6 pairs of pants- some ankle length, some cropped and one or two that hits a bit higher just above the knee.  Then I found about 7 new tops that mix and match with the pants.

Now I need a pair of white and navy flats and I am good to go.  I seem to have the hardest time finding comfy shoes that are also stylish.  Any tips for me?  They have to be flat, since my high heel wearing days ended when my doctor warned me not to.  I like closed toe, since I am too busy to get a pedicure before I leave.  LOL  What women do for beauty!!  LOL

10 thoughts on “Sneak Peek

  1. I hope you’ll have more aprons to sell when you return from MQS. I did retail therapy today too — a bad day — went quilt shopping — bought some fun fabric and some backings — I’m finishing up some UFOs! Yea

    Have a fabulous time MQS!!! Take care of the Egyptian….

    • Will treat your quilt like its my own!! Thanks to you and Lewis (louis) for the loan. I think it needs to go into the State Fair, don’t you?

      I can always have more embroidered. I plan to branch out to other items, too.

      Your new quilt top is beautiful… I can see the designs already.!

  2. Hey, Carla,
    I have a Chico’s outlet near me. After Christmas, I bought 17 items (jackets, tops, pants) for $150. No kidding… and there were no “little things” like t-shirts or earrings. I thought I had won the lottery. Congrats on your weight loss. That’s great!

    BTW, I mentioned you in my post about my mini moo cards that I ordered. I love them. Thanks for sharing this tidbit with your followers.

  3. Lori, I saw a segment about this company on 60 minutes or similar program. I love the idea they give a pair away for every pair bought. Which ones do you own? How comfy?

  4. Oh my, the Egyptian is going to MQS. I love that quilt. I ran over to Dory’s blog to try to get a peak at the aprons.
    They are just folded on the Millie table. I’ll see the aprons
    at MQS. 13 more days.

  5. Carla, I’m curius about your aprons too. Is this what you wear while quilting with your longarm? Do they have several pockets in front? I will have to hang around the outside door of your classroom to try and check them out. I’ve been thinking about making some kind of apron since I’m using more tools lately. Hope to meet you in person soon. Dar

  6. I am looking forward to meeting you all at MQS!! Yes, I will bring lots of products, so be sure to hunt me down. Less than a week now…. Carla

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