Gold Bug Quilters

Last night was machine quilter panel night at Gold Bug Quilters.  On the panel with me were machine quilters Liz H. and Kari M.    We basically shared about our business, showed examples of our work, and answered questions.

The room was certainly full.   We have a large guild and despite the rainy weather, they turned out for the night.  The guild recently changed meeting location, so this was the inaugural meeting at the new locale.

Kudos to Liz for bringing her batting samples.   They were very interesting and well done.  Her visuals showed how various batting choices affected the finished quilt.  It was nice to finally meet Liz in person, too.  She works with a Gammill and Statler Stitcher.

I had brought some visuals too- some quilted sandwich tension examples which showed what is acceptable and unacceptable tension.   There was a powerpoint presentation with some slides showing my design approach to quilting, too, along with a video which showed the audience how I quilt.

Kari provided a humorous story about not being prepared to speak.  Her  story involved going to the dentist, her fear of dentists and taking some anxiety medications.  Kari quilts on a HandiQuilter.

Btw,  here is the Gold Bug Raffle quilt with my quilting:


23 thoughts on “Gold Bug Quilters

    • Thanks, Kay!! I sent you an email. For individuals living outside the US, the best way to handle the currency conversion is by using PayPal. Then I can send you proof of purchase and ticket numbers. Thanks, Kay!

  1. I’ll bet the guild really enjoyed the program that meeting. Just the thing on a rainy evening. I’d like to be included in the raffle tickets. Doubt that I’d win, but it’s nice to support the guilds.
    You did a beautiful job with the quilting, Carla. As per usual. 🙂

  2. Hi Carla Id love to buy a number tickets:) The quilt is truly gorgeous.

    By the way I just read your blog on Autism , truly very good to read, will help me understand what my DIL & son are going thru with their daughter.

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    • Hi Joan, I sent you a detailed email about how to do it internationally. I checked with my bank VP, who happens to be a quilter and the guild treasurer last year. She agreed that the only way she knows how is to use PayPal.

      Thanks for asking! Carla

  4. Hi Carla, this quilt is just great! You did a very good job. I have the same question like Joan from Australia. Could I buy a ticket if I am from Europe?????
    Greetings from Switzerland

  5. One last thought… if you are purchasing tickets by PayPal, what I have found is that they add on a small fee. Be sure to factor this in for me. Thanks! Carla

  6. Ack! I have been out of the loop!! Is it too late to buy tickets for your amazing raffle quilt??
    Where can I send the $ if it is not too late???

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