Freeform Purse Kits

I quilted a very large piece of fabric to make up kits for students in my freeform beading class, and silly me- I forgot to leave enough unquilted fabric so I could cut all the binding fabric strips.  I was about 1/4 yard short.

I ran back to the quilt store and of course, the large bolt of batik was long gone!  No other fabric worked.  Finally, I just started over with about 9 yards total this time.  So, this morning, I requilted all the fabric for the kits, cut out the purse patterns, the strips for binding and the handle, too.  The project uses fusible fleece, so I cut that, too.  Whew!

Some oops are just fortuitous!  In the end, I much prefer the fabric choices of the 2nd purse fabric.  Perfect for the project, too.

Now I have the fun job of organizing the beads for the project.  My order from arrived, and the beads look wonderful!  Thanks to Reyna at ArtBeads for assisting me, and also this terrific company donated items for the kits and my class doorprize, too.  Thank you!!!  I continue to be amazed by everyone I interact with at this online company!

That’s it for today…  Grandson Jack is coming over so we can have some fun time with him!  Enjoy your weekend!  Carla


3 thoughts on “Freeform Purse Kits

  1. What no photos. I am drooling here. I am wait-listed for this “introductory” class at MQS. If I don’t get in, that will be my nose pressed up against the window outside class. LOL. How cool is it to have a FULL class your first time at MQS?

  2. I would love to teach a second section, but there are no class space during the times my schedule is free. I really like teaching this class, too.

    No Photo- ok, you all caught me!! I was just being lazy… LOL I made the kits, then Jack arrived to spend the afternoon and night.

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