Crop Circle Mystery Solved!

Before I explain and show pics about my mystery crop circles, here’s an ant doodle I did while watching the Project Runway finale last night:

My favorite ant is this one:

Actually, I don’t often sit around drawing ants,  I was drawing a page of picnic theme quilting designs.   Once though, in the 1990’s, I designed a ant theme cover for a magazine- and in my ant world, I drew a People Farm sitting on the shelf.  After it was published, a rubber stamp company owner called and asked to turn the whole page into rubber stamps.  LOL  Somewhere in my garage are a bunch of ant stamps, people farm, and other stamps I designed over the years including my godzilla design.

Now onto the “Crop Circle” mystery:  I was out admiring the spring flowers, then noticed a bunch of places where it looked like mini crop circles.  I took a walk and noticed them randomly here and there.  It was hard to capture them adequately, but here goes:

Pretty odd, I admit.  I dismissed the alien theory, but spent a few days trying to understand how they came about?

The answer came to me as I noticed a big old Tom Turkey, obviously on the prowl for a little turkey action.  He puffed his feathers out in a handsome display sure to catch the ladies eye.  Heck, even I found him to be attractive- in a turkey dinner kind of way!

I tried to get a better picture, but you will have to ignore Joe’s smoker in the foreground and my patio chair.  Yes, that is a rock on the smoker… not sure why:

A wonderful display of turkey maleness!  Tom’s gobbles and display were effective, because 3 ladies came to check him out:

Finally, the mystery of the crop circles are explained:

Hmmm…   buy the sheer number of these circles around the place, I would say there should be lots of babies in the late spring.  LOL  Life on the ranch….

Enjoy your day!  Hugs, Carla


16 thoughts on “Crop Circle Mystery Solved!

  1. ROFLOL! I wouldn’t be able to resist. I’d have to get Chris to kill one of them for dinner. But it looks like you might have dinner supplies for a long time!

  2. My rancher neighbor does do turkey jerky each year, but I am too much of a city girl to kill anything. The turkeys pay me a visit each day and I usually give them names…LOL

  3. The turkey story was funny! I just moved to a place where there are wild turkeys outside the house, so when I see one of these “crop circles,” I will be in the know.

    PS: Love the ant.

  4. Seems like a little Turkey porn to me. lol. Don’t you just love nature? I so miss living in the country. Love the ant.

  5. Oh good heavens…here I thought that this was a G-rated blog! We have a ton of turkeys in my area too, and I know that it is mating season. You have not lived until you have seen 3 of them in the top of a crab apple tree 9only about 10-15′ tall) or had a flock take flight beside your car! freakishly huge (and delicious!) birds.

  6. Love the turkey pictures — I couldn’t kill the turkeys either — nothing like nature right outside your window.

  7. I had similar circles in my yard, but they were made by the deer. I live very close to a metro park and the deer walk through the neighorhood all the time. For some reason they like my back yard and rest there in the sun.

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