Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day to everyone!  This past weekend, while at the sailboat show, I bought a book and chatted with the author of  “Sustainable Sailing,” a very nice man named Dieter Loibner.  We had a nice chat about solar systems, since we love ours.    When we buy our cruising sailboat, we plan to outfit it with solar panels and a windmill (if we can locate a nice quiet model, that is).

In the meantime, now that we have had our solar panels for 1-2 years, Joe and I do not have to deal with the high price of electricity any more.  The summer before we went solar, we had a $800 bill one month.  Yikes!  Now we get paid for the extra power we sell back to the electric company.

One last topic before I go…. we have been having crop circles in the tall grass around the house and ranch.    It is a circular pattern some of the time.  Anyone care to guess who did it?

I will upload the picture of the culprit.  I finally solved the mystery yesterday.

Enjoy your day!!  Carla

4 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day!

  1. There are silent wind gens….we never had one, but we’ve been on boats with them. Do the homework…they’re out there. The other trick is to keep your consumption way down…which is what we did more of.

    • You did keep your consumption down…. Hmmm….. I think I can do it if I leave the jacuzzi at home. LOL

      After viewing all the boats at the boat show, we know we want to keep the boat in the 35-40 foot size range. Not yet ready to search or buy, that is a few years in the future.

      The next step after that is to refurbish and refit. I want to somehow have a comfort place to sit and relax… boats are pretty uncomfortable. Think they make a boat recliner? LOL

      I do know I will reupholster all cushions and refit all cabin mattresses. I need to get rid of new boat cooties, y’know?

      Do you miss living on Oreneta? Or are you so busy with construction that you don’t think about it?

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