Big News!

I have been very busy of late, getting ready to teach at MQS next month.  Prep work involves drawing on student quilts and updating my handouts, etc.  Why do I always seem to wait until the 10th or 11th hour to get my act together?   LOL

The big news is that thanks to a huge push by my friend, Linda, I will be introducing some  Feathered Fibers products at the show.  More info later as I get them all back from the embroidery shop.

Linda had been encouraging me to do this.  Then, in one of my Quilt Whisperer classes was a student whose husband had an embroidery and silkscreen shop.  Anyhow, it all came together and they are being produced now.  When I do the product unveiling, I will also share the link and name of the business in case anyone else needs a quilting friendly embroiderer, too.

More info closer to MQS….     Hugs, Carla


5 thoughts on “Big News!

  1. Since I wont be at MQS I will expect a birdie something or other just for me on hold:) And we should jot down on it….oldest biggest super chicken fan! YOU GO GIRL!

  2. OMGosh…that is how my “thought bubble” looks all the time. (although I think of myself more as a cute puppy–the cute birdie will work! *wink*)
    I can’t wait to see what this is embroidered on and where I can get one or two.

  3. Sounds interesting — don’t make all of us wait too long. Good luck with MQS — don’t worry you’ll be great!

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