Weekend Trip!!

DH (aka Joe) and I spent the weekend at a sailing boat show called Strictly Sail, held in Jack London Square in Oakland, CA.  We had fun and met many new friends and other sailors.

What I noticed most about our trip is how refreshed I feel this morning and eager to get to my quilting work.  I attribute it to time spent on other interests.  My theory is that if you feel weighed down by your quilting queue, or deadline for a project, it helps to put it away for a few days and go do something else  you enjoy for a refreshing change of pace.

The hotel we stayed in was actually the hotel we honeymooned in a few decades ago.  It brought back memories for us,  and we had a laugh remembering how it came to be.

Joe had first booked a nearby hotel, based on a recommendation by someone he knew.  So we show up,  and imagine my surprise when the hotel was really awful, complete with a adult theater next door.  We checked out, walked down to the nicest hotel right on the waterfront, and I think they took pity on us, so they gave us their best room right on the water.  Honeymoon was saved- plus we have a funny honeymoon hotel story to remember!!  LOL

Happy Monday to you!  Carla


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