What I Am Up To?

Woke up to some beautiful sunshine this morning, thank goodness!  I was getting tired of the rain, clouds, and hail.  Here is the view out my back window this lovely spring morning:

Next up is texture quilting to make up my Freeform beading kit.  First step in creating the kit is to quilt fabric with some freeform texture:

The opposite side looks like this:

The opposite side needs to be dark in order that the freeform beadwork will show up nicely:

Also been drawing like crazy new designs to share with my students at MQS.  Here is an example illustration where I show how to take a design and make a complementary custom border design for your quilts:

I have dozens of visual examples like this one.  My goal is for the student to take home lots of new designs to help them in their studio.  We also talk about how to convert a design into a continuous line design, plus much more!

13 thoughts on “What I Am Up To?

  1. Carla, your blog always makes me smile. You are so creative and you think so outside “my” box, it really makes me think. Thanks for sharing.

  2. As one who prefers to design and piece quilts so that artists like you can quilt them … I LOVE watching your blog! I cannot fathom being able to do what you and Chris and others do (I have two left hands when it comes to quilting).

    LOVELY designs!!!

  3. Looks beautiful! Everything.. your yard.. flowers.. quilting beautiful as usual
    Nothing surprises me anymore..may make me a little envious..but envy is not good so i will just be happy for your lucky little a$$.. LOL

  4. They are all LOVELY! My fav is the top left.

    I COMPLETELY AGREE with Faith…I’ll just be happy for your lucky little a$$!!

  5. LOL, I was wondering if anyone noticed the fake rock in the picture…. it hides some sprinkler system controls, I think.

    Everytime I see them, I want to spray paint it to look more natural. Hmmm… one day perhaps?

  6. Very cool, a couple of those are the quilting designs from my Darwin’s Diamonds and Flowers Quilt, how cool is that????? Amazing how creative minds think alike, LOL…. See you in Kansas….

    • Hi Ronda, creative minds think alike indeed! Many of my flowers are from old journal sketches from 2004-07 time period. Will your pretty quilt be at MQS? I haven’t seen it yet, so I hope it will be there. Looking forward to seeing you next month!

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