I thought I would share with you the new Moo cards I ordered that arrived yesterday.   What is so cool about the Moo Cards is that on one side is your business card and the back side shows off pictures of your work:

I also ordered Moo’s mini cards, too.  Here is what these look like:

I am impressed with Moo’s quality and service.   Plus, the price was affordable, too.

Enjoy your day!    Regards, Carla

9 thoughts on “Moo

  1. They are lovely but would you explain the name “Moo Card” to me….I don’t see the relationship between business cards and the Moo (cow I am assuming)…confused or perhaps a little s l o w!

    • Moo is the name of the business that sells the business cards, Karen. I bet You thought I was talking about my local cows? LOL

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  2. Are you going to Auburn this weekend? I bought plenty of tickets for the quilt. My hubby read your iPad review. He knows I want one too. TGIF CJ

  3. I have seen these used for a lot of the jewelry artists… They are great business cards…postcards etc. Have heard good reviews of service and quality from all of them as well. Glad to see your business is taking off so well. You have worked hard to do it.

  4. I had my boat cards printed from I learned about them from my brother. Using pictures from our sailing adventures is so much fun and everyone comments on the quality of the cards. I save all of the Bailey cards for the people I meet with dogs! I upload all of my photos to Flickr and create a set of the ones I want to use for my cards. They also save your previous orders so re-ordering is easy.

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