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Ok, I freely admit I was a skeptic about the new ipad from Apple.  However, now that I have had some quality time with the ipad, I am in LOVE with it!  Here is why:

It works very similar to my iphone, only in a larger package.  I downloaded about 6 or 7 apps to try out.  The Labyrinth 2 App was very addicting and hooked me quick.

The ibook feature is first rate!  Apple is bound to give Amazon (kindle) a run for their money since there are obvious limitations to the kindle.  My kindle is not back lit for reading; but the ibook/ipad is.  You turn a page easily with the ibook/ipad;  with the kindle you push a button that makes an annoying “click” sound.  I predict that the ipad will take significant market share away from the kindle.  Time will tell if I am correct.

I didn’t want to cook for dinner (what else is new?) so I searched restaurants in my area for ideas.  A quick trip to In & Out Burgers for a protein style burger (that is lettuce wrapped for the In & Out uninitiated) sounded yummy, so off Joe went to pick up dinner for us.

I next decided to experiment with some basic drawing programs.    I first tried out a few free apps and read up on several paid ones.  Draw, a basic drawing app shown above, was actually pretty good for a free app.     You draw with your fingers, though I did find a special stylist pen called “Pogo,” that was designed to work with iphones and the new ipad.

Also relevant to quilters who have taken my Quilt Whisperer class, many of the apps will allow you to import in a photo, then draw on it.  Obviously, this is now a cruder application than using photoshop or PS Elements, but still you can do it.

The next drawing program, Adobe Ideas,  had more potential for quilters who want to practice quilt designs:

What I liked about this app is the automatic smooth line function in the software.  It is a helpful feature.  This is actually more of a note taking App, but could be used for quilting designs.

There are some more professional paid apps worth looking into:   Sketchbook Pro looks to be a desirable professional program that I would get, along with the Pogo stylist pen (mentioned above).

The only complaint/ suggestion for Apple would be how they organize art and drawing apps.  There are separate categories for Music apps and Photography apps, but they organize art, sketching and drawing programs into their generic Entertainment app section.  IMHO, they should create an Art app section.

The bottom line is I will order the 3G model and have it shipped when it is released.  Buying the non-3G model does not make sense, especially if you are used to the 3G functionality of the iphone.   This product is  innovative, interactive and downright fun!

Off to play a few games on the ipad before I have to give it back.  The owner might have to pry it out of my hands to get it back.  LOL

Regards, Carla

11 thoughts on “ipad Review

    • Hi Debbie, yes, I found at least 2 apps that would upload a pic and allow you to draw on it. Plus, new apps are being released everyday!

      I would suggest you wait for the 3G model version when it is released. Regards, Carla

    • With Adobe Ideas you can upload a picture and draw over it. It comes with 1 photo layer and 1 drawing layer. I use it that way all the time.

      • Hi Meg, yes, I wrote the above the first day the non-3G ipad came out. I later received the 3G model when it was released. Nowadays, I have about 10-15 drawing/photo apps to show students how to draw on quilt photos with this device.

        Some drawing Apps are better than others.

        What are some of your favorite Apps? Have you gotten hooked on Angry Bird yet? LOL

  1. Thanks for the review – exactly what I wanted to hear. I could do the sketches, download, import into another program and then save them in the format for my IQ. But I needed to know if the drawing/doodling capability was good enough and if you think it is – that is good enough for me. Thanks again.

    • Hi Carol, my preview is very promising. Thus said, before I completely give my seal of approval 100 %, I need to buy a pogo stylist and ipad, then experiment further.

      What I would look at is if the stylist pen has a fine enough tip to get a good line.

      Will the ipad replace my tablet laptop? Perhaps not, but I could see the beneficial uses for the machine quilter. I could use my iphone to take a quilt top pic, then upload to ipad, open a drawing/photo app and design away! Most clients would be interested to see technology used in this way.

      I do know that with an adaptor cable, I can hook the ipad up to my digital projector and run my powerpoint presentation with one app. Another app will allow me to access my desktop or laptop from a distance. Pretty powerful technology!

      So good to hear from you, Carol!! Hugs, Carla

  2. Thank you so much for your review – This really looks great and I am getting closer to also ordering the 3G version – traveling between homes makes this a must. Also getting rid of my light for the Kindle would be wonderful – the batteries always go dead at the wrong time … LOL

  3. My husband ordered me one of the 3G versions the other night. LOL Once it arrives, I most likely will do a quilt whisper drawing test and see what other uses it may have for quilters.

    I will hook it up to my digital projector, too, since I bought the adapter. I’m going to see if I can work my class presentations off of it. LOL C

    PS: My sister also bought an ipad, too.

  4. Nice review! Check mine at the below link..

    Gear Lust (part one) iPad –first impressions


    Like so many other Apple users I’m enamored with each deliciously-designed product that they release. But I understand what they are doing to us – they are changing the way we think, compute, consume and buy. As a futurist and early-adopter of most technology I’m ok with these changes. But Apple seems to be single-handedly launching us into new markets long before the public knows what to do with them. On one hand it’s the entrepreneur’s dream to have a new wild-west to conquer. But as consumers we are easily tricked into putting money back into Apple, AT&T and so many other companies’ products to feel like we are on the cutting edge of technology in this brave new age of computing. My first impressions of the iPad are exactly these thoughts. It’s not a matter of is it cool (it totally is) or do I want one (couldn’t wait.) It does everything I wanted and more. It’s got a few limitations I find frustrating. But once I got my hands on it I was drinking Apple’s kool aid once again and didn’t put it down for about 14 hours. Below is a brief review of the product and some initial impressions of the philosophy behind the technology, some questions about productivity and some excitement about the possibilities.

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