Grandma Moment!

I thought I would share pictures of my darling grandkids.  Jack is now over 2 and Kate is about 7 weeks old:

And here is Jack.  I admit I added a bit of fun to his picture:

And here are the kids together with Aimee, my pretty DDIL:

Joe and I love to babysit Jack, and he spent the night last weekend with us!  We also look forward to babysitting Kate for longer stretches.  She is breastfed, which is so important for both Kate and her mom, so we will just patiently wait until she is older.

Now that I have grandkids, I can honestly say that  Grandkids are our reward for raising teenagers!!  LOL   Hugs, Carla (aka Grandma)


9 thoughts on “Grandma Moment!

  1. Darling pictures!! I love the one of Jack in his PJs — he must be a real kick to have around! Beautiful kids — lucky Grandma!

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