Work in Progress

I am one of those who are always working on several projects at once.  Not sure why I do this, but it seems to work for me.  Here are my works in progress:

Quilting: I am working on a lovely quilt for my dear friend, Nancy, who lives in North Carolina.  Nancy is in her 80’s and has the sweetest Southern accent.  I just love when she calls!

Beading:  Working on another new design for the Blogging Designer program.   Hopefully, I can finish it soon to show you all.

Purse: I am using my sewing machine to make a purse like this one:

The purse will have different fabric than the one above.  It is for Linda, who won this purse as a door prize to my  last online Quilt Whisperer Class.  I like to give out really good door prizes!!  By the way, the purse above was won by Vicki Welsh in a blog contest I ran a couple of years ago.

I have other projects going, including spending some quality time with my tablet laptop.  By the way, my DH really wants to buy me the new ipad, but I am not yet sold on it.  This weekend, we are going to visit the Apple store to check it out.

Easter is right around the corner, too.  I want to thank everyone who emailed, texted or called me to ask if I had my Parsnip Pete Chocolate Easter Bunny this year.  I am good, I went hunting early and lucked out!

What are YOU working on??   Hugs, Carla


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