New Cartoon

I thought I would share this cartoon on the topic of thread.   The second saying won out, so here it is:

Ok, I admit it, I am a thread junkie, so this cartoon is rather autobiographical!  I have way too many large spools of thread.  But on the bright side, I can always find the color of thread that matches any fabric.

Now, on the subject of cartoons and quilty sayings, does anyone have a favorite funny quilt saying?  Who knows?  I might just draw a cartoon if I like what you have to share???

Regards, Carla


14 thoughts on “New Cartoon

  1. This probably doesn’t count, but I have thread that I used to make a peach velour robe for myself in 1975. For some reason I can’t bear to part with it. So, she who dies with the most threads . . . . . . .

  2. I like the first saying the best!!! I have a sign in my studio that says “This is where I belong” not necessarily quilty but it sure fits!!

  3. I prefer the 2nd wording. After all, it’s no good winning when you’re dead – the prize might be more thread!

    As for a quilty saying, my favourite is “the only place housework comes before quilting is in the dictionary”. I can’t think how that could be turned into a cartoon though, so it’s probably no use to you.

  4. I like the 2nd one as well. It’s not quilty but “you can’t take it with you” could be a really funny cartoon in my mind.

  5. I like them both and think it would be really cute to have your girl chicken free-hand drawing on one of her eggs (Easter nearly here)! Maybe have her nest box behind her with eggs in it and one egg pulled out and propped up on something while she’s doodling away. Oh no, I won’t be able to stop thinking of chicken cartoons now. LOL

  6. I can see why anyone would be a thread comes in so many pretty colors and makes beautiful artwork all lined up.. kills two birds with one stone.. hey another idea for another cartoon…only your birdies might not like it.

  7. I prefer the second wording… but have to thank you…for sharing some of your stencil sources..I don’t use them much..and just bought several thanks to your examples. I so admire your work. It inspires me… to really go for more quilting. Thanks. I am only a newbie, only been longarm quilting for aboujt 16 months..but love it…and hope to be like you “when I grow up”.

    • Colleen, you are very welcome, glad I could do my part to increase your stencil collection! When you get them, consider all the ways you can use them in your work!

      Thank you for the nice complement, too! 🙂

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