Next Sailing Adventure

I am so excited to share that I have been making vacation plans for later this year.   One trip involves doing another boat charter to the Caribbean.  But this time,  we have invited our good friends, Larry and Lori, to come along for the fun to the BVI!

You might remember my creative pal, Lori, from the past “Lori & Carla Creative Adventure Week” visits I have done.  Lori was also behind my attending ArtFiberFest in past years.  She also has a wonderful blog named, “Art & Play.” Lori is also the owner and co-designer for this fun shoe quilt.  It was also her very first quilt, I think:

and here is a close-up for why this is called the “Hairy Leg Quilt:”

Funny, isn’t it?  I have had lots of requests for our quilt pattern over the years, too.

Lori and I have been friends for about 2 decades now.  She is married to Larry, who is a very kind man, funny sense of humor, and just good, all-around man.  Together, they have 2 daughters, Chloe is away to art design school, and Cara  (which is really Carla, minus the “l”) who has a vivacious spirit.

So when Joe and I were talking about inviting another couple along for the fun, Lori and Larry immediately came to mind.   We are bound to come home with lots of stories and hopefully, no one needs the services of the local witch doctor/taxi driver, like I did on our last trip when I stepped on a nasty sea urchin.

Joe and I are looking forward to  sharing our favorite places with Larry and Lori.  The bubbling pool on Jost Van Dyke near Foxy’s Taboo, snorkeling around the Indians, sea glass and shell hunting on Sandy Cay, and that one deserted white sand beach near Virgin Gorda Sound, and more!

Sound like a fun trip??    Cheers, Carla

9 thoughts on “Next Sailing Adventure

  1. Just curious who you charter your boat from. We chartered a sailboat in Maine a year or so ago and it was NOT in the condition it was listed at. Our next charter will be somewhere south. Either that or buy a boat!

    • Hi Anne, I have used a couple of different companies in the past. I prefer SunSail, and will book with them again. I have chartered both a multi-hull and a mono-hull boats ranging from 36-44 feet.

      The SunSail boats were extremely clean and much newer than with the other company we tried.

      By the way, I have traveled the Maine Waterways and Coast before on the M/Y Wombat, on it’s maiden voyage south to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Fun Trip and Maine was so pretty! What I remember most was all the crab and lobster pots and trying to avoid them all. LOL

    • LOL… so spoke the woman who lived in the Bahamas on a boat for awhile AND now lives in Spain. I’m trying hard to find sympathy for you! hahaha!

      LOL, I can’t wait for the day we eventually buy a boat!

  2. What a blast! My husband and I vacationed on Virgin Gorda for a week a few years ago. It was very quiet and gorgeous. We took the ferry (I almost spelled it “fairy”…) past Jost Van Dyke. Looked like heaven!!!

    • Did you stay at Biras Creek or other Resort? I like the restaurant on Saba Rock, too. They also have a weekly buffet at Leverick Bay where the food was exceptional. Usually, I equate “buffet” with the term, “old food,” but the food was top notch!

  3. Thanks for the kind post! we are beyond thrilled about this trip to the BVI! It seems like such a pipe dream (probably one after smoking something from a pipe…) but it is really going to happen! And we can’t wait!
    Our honeymoon was on Virgin Gorda at Little Dix Bay! We’ve been back to the Carribean since, but never on a sailboat!
    Looking so forward to this adventure!
    And I will get my legs waxed before we go so that they don’t look like the ones on the quilt like they do right now…

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