Guild President Quilt

Here is the Guild President Quilt that I held off showing until it had been presented to the outgoing Guild President tonight.  I didn’t want to spoil the surprise.

First, I want to share a picture of the quilt with my working design sketch:

Just ignore that the photo is upside down.  LOL  Now for the quilting, here is the overall photo:

and a few close ups:

Notice that the bird’s beak is 3D.  I did quilt wings and texture on the bird, too.

This quilt was pieced and appliqued by Riet, who was a pleasure to meet and work with.  The quilt is for Karen, who is also a longarm machine quilter.

A quick shout out to all my fellow guild members who came up to thank me for quilting the guild Opportunity Quilt, and to say they read my blog.  I also had many members who said they had read the newspaper article and to say congrats.

Next month at Guild,  I am sitting on a panel  to discuss machine quilting.   Should be fun, I always like speaking about quilting.

Keep watching, I have some cool projects to share…..   Hugs, Carla


10 thoughts on “Guild President Quilt

  1. Carla, your technique is so differnt, and the result is so wonderful. Do you have a book out? I haven’t been machine quilting that long, but I still have trouble “seeing” the design areas and coming up with ideas. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and continuing to inspire us.

  2. Beautiful quilt and the quilting is your usual innovative fabulous work. It’s the only time I have wished I was the President of a guild. LOL

  3. HaHa….I didn’t even notice that the quilt was upside down in your working design photo! Some days I’m such a dope!

    The quiting is lovely!!

  4. Wow that is really a beautiful job on the quilting. I bet the Pres will LOVE it!
    I love the rich colors of the quilt and the flow of everything is just seamless, Riet did a wonderful job on her end too!

  5. That “working design sketch” . . . do you do that with a computer? Or how do you do that? It’s a great idea for seeing how it’s going to look before you start, and I’d love to try it — I’m a new longarmer . . .

    Also, wanted to tell you that I saw Decadent Goose/Geese at Paducah, and it’s fabulous — great job!

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