Feathered Fibers Cartoon

By the way, this cartoon is so NOT autobiographical:

After much thought, I am in the process of putting my cartoons onto various merchandise for quilters:  work aprons, shirts, messenger bags, etc.  Ay advice from blog readers and blog friends??  What products would you like to see??  What cartoons are your favorite ones?  Put on your marketing hats and please provide me with your input!

Speaking of cartoons, this one will NOT be placed onto tote bags, sweat shirts, etc.:

Probably the only place I could see this cartoon is on the wall at a gastroenterologist office.   I was “moved” to draw it after having my baseline colonoscopy when I turned the big 5-0.  I have a rather odd sense of humor,  so please excuse my sense of what is funny.

Thank you in advance for your opinion on what products you would like to see with your favorite cartoon!  Hugs, Carla


13 thoughts on “Feathered Fibers Cartoon

  1. But THAT’S the one I wanted, Carla!…Just kidding…I look forward to your goodies…I like so many of them! I am already thinking “Bee Gifts!!”

  2. I just turned 50 in December and endured the test, the test itself was a breeze. If you survived the prep, you have earned your right to laugh or joke about it! I love the drawing AND all your amazing quilting!

  3. your cartoons will be cute on many items, you are a very talented lady.

    by the way, check out youtube video of Billy Connolly’s skit on colonoscopy prep. If you’ve experienced one, this is really funny he uses a little colourful language so be warned.

    Billy is a very well known Scottish comedian in Australia and UK, not sure how well known he is in the USA

    search for Billy Connolly colonoscopy

  4. The wonky quilt cartoon (quilt it out — oh shoot me), the dictionary is the only place where House Work comes before quilting,

    Is there is a place to see all of them?

    I vote for coffee mugs, t-shirts & small posters to put up on the wall in our quilt rooms.

  5. Oops — looking again I found the cartoons — add quilt Deva to my list and pick up line. These are all so great and some of them made me laugh out loud. I like the birthday one too.

    I had never seen the three baby birds with their mouths open that you need for a challenge — what was your word?

  6. Not yet 50… so can’t relate to that one 🙂

    I would buy a t-shirt or sweatshirt with your cartoons, or even a coffee mug….

    I have way more tote bags than I could ever use since all the quilt shows hand them out with registration or teacher packets. The backseat of my car looks like a bag lady lives in it. I keep all my tote bags there for when I go grocery shopping….

  7. coffee mugs, t shrits, coasters or even fabric panels so that we can create with them as well …… note cards might be nice too….. i have seen some not all of your cartoons and i think they are all great and glad that we are all part of your brood
    have a great day carla

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