Thrift Store Finds

On my thrift store hunt this week, I found some more clothes to fit my shrinking body and some items for the grandkids.

In the clothes department, I found a whole casual outfit, plus an extra pair of pants.   Here are the size 8 jean capris from Nine West and Eddie Bauer:

Add a casual top that fits really good and shows off my figure:

Feeling chilly? Here is a velour zipper front sport jacket from Liz Claiborne:

Then for the grandkids, I discovered a wide variety of books to add to my home library.  My favorite find is a book called “Bad Kitty.

This is perfect since Jack really love our kitties when he visits.

That’s all from here.  Regards, Carla


10 thoughts on “Thrift Store Finds

  1. Yahoo, size 8! Way to go!!! I love the tops you have been finding lately. I could use some of those but since I wear and 8 on top I guess that would be asking too much!

    Have you been exercising along with the diet plan? I’ve been trying to stay off flour and sugar and did lose 4 lbs but gained them back on a business trip. Now it is so difficult to stay on it. It is SO the lack of exercise. I’m getting annoyed with myself that the lbs are not coming off easier. I guess its the mid-life BS….darn it.

    • My loss to date has been the result of dieting alone. Ideally, you want to add exercise to speed up the process. My doctor recommends water aerobics for me in a therapy (heated) pool or non load bearing exercise like a bike.

      Hang in there!! It is all about finding the right plan that works for you.

  2. Well done re. size 8! I’m trying to address the result of chocolate not quilting for several months – any tips?!

    • Barbara, I love chocolate, too. I substitute my sugar cravings with a special shake… I use the shake packet (i’m on Medifast diet ), then add some Sugar free Chocolate pudding dry mix to the shake, some water and ice; and then blend in my bullet style blender. I top with Cool Whip lite and this concoction satisfies my sweet tooth.

      Find local alternatives that will satisfy the cravings- but in a lower calorie way.

      I need to add exercise to my plan now. Oh yes, I drink 8 cups (cup is equal to roughly 250 ml) of water per day.

      I hope to end up a size 4 when I am to my goal weight. My motivation for doing this was to improve my overall health and reduce the weight load on all my joints.

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