Quilt Whispering Time!

Hello,  today I decided to share how I quilt whispered a quilt as a raffle prize donation.  The winner is Margo Clabo, who created this delightful 2010 Block-of-the-Month quilt as a new colorway for The Quilt Show.  The designer of the quilt is  Sue Garman.

First the picture of the quilt top, then the next picture is of my design suggestions for Margo.

The Quilt Whispering:

I think I like this block design best with the hearts:

You could also alternate the designs for added interest.

This is how I would Quilt Whisper it, anyhow.

Before I go, I wanted to thank you all for your lovely comments left yesterday with the post about the completed Guild Quilt I finished.  Such wonderful complements- and I didn’t need to bribe you either.  LOL

Here is my thought for today:  Do something NICE for yourself!  You really do deserve it!

Take care, Carla

19 thoughts on “Quilt Whispering Time!

  1. Carla, your quilt whispering technique is amazing! The quilting design you have suggested is fabulous, and would really complement the design of the quilt. Are you also going to be doing the actual quilting?

    • Thanks, Karen! Appreciate the info on the cute Japanese selvages. I bet your ears were ringing today… I am working on a new selvage project that is a bit different. Keep watching! LOL Carla

  2. Oh Carla,
    As usual, what a terrific design, it’s wonderful and I know Margo will not let the design down, what a colaboration…..
    That’s going to be one beautiful quilt!!!!

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

    • Hi Cindy, the QW thing is from a class I teach. It actually is a step- by-step method for how to approach and design quilt tops. The use of computer tablet laptop and software as my designing tools (shown in this post) is something I have done for many years and I discuss in greater depth in the class.

      I am teaching it tomorrow as a 4 hour in-person class. I also have a lengthier version for a 3 week online class.

      I teach how to design traditional quilts, contemporary quilts, and including art quilts.

      Thanks for stopping by! Happy Creating!! Carla

  3. I don’t always like neutral colored quilts but this one is superb and your design is awesome as my grandson would say.

  4. Carla,

    You are absolutely amazing – quilting cartooning, sailing etc!! How very genereous of you to share your process.
    I have just found your blog today, so I have lots to look at. How do I find a QW class? It would be awesome to learn to draw on the quilt like that.
    Also, are you accepting any more quilt photos for “quilt whispering”?


  5. Greetings Carla – I am creating a PP lecture for NCQC (Northern California Quilt Guild 0 and would like to include your blog along with the post about Margos quilt and your whisperings on it – great name BTW – I have this weekend to prepare it –


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