Thrift Store Finds

I visited my local thrift store this week, and found a couple of finds in the clothing department.  Since I am down a couple of sizes, I wanted to pick up a few items without breaking the bank.

I found this lovely top by SweetPea, a brand carried at Nordstroms, which looks very flattering on:

It looks terrific with jeans, too.  The next top I found was from the Serenade brand:

Again, this is very flattering on- even better since it only  cost me $1.50 each due to a half off sale.  LOL

I also found a book for my DH by a favorite author; and also a retro pyrex dish.  All in all, a good day!

I love hunting for items at the thrift store!  I guess it is the recycle/reuse philosophy I have, or perhaps the thrill of the hunt?   Any others who feel the same way as me?  I know you are out there!  LOL

By the way, the thrift store is also a perfect place for craft supplies.  One of my favorite projects I did involved buying a couple of those long “teacher” dresses that were in style about 15 years ago  and cut them into strips of fabric.  I then crocheted them into a large bag or purse.  Of course, I have a tutorial for that here.  You could also wrap the fabric around cording and make a fabric bowl for your home or perhaps a rag rug.  The ideas are endless!!

Enjoy your day!!  Carla

7 thoughts on “Thrift Store Finds

  1. Great finds — cute clothes — I agree with Lori — you must had better thrift stores than I’ve seen or you’ve got patience and a keen eye. LOL

  2. The key is to go regularly- and to know your brands and how to spot more quality brands and labels. It helps if you shop thrift stores in yuppier locations than going downtown into the hood.

  3. Like you, I’m down a few sizes. I bought some key pieces at full-price, but I’m filling in with the thrift store purchases. It is partly the hunt and partly that I look at things differently and more adventurously when I am only spending a few bucks!

  4. I love op shopping, haven’t had the time in the past few that we have moved they are just plain out of reach due to distance, bugger …you are right tho…good finds are found in the yuppier areas.

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