Guild Quilt Sneak Peek

I thought I would share the progress of the Gold Bug Guild Quilt I am working on each day.  I reached the halfway point yesterday, and hope to get further along today.  It is a king-sized opportunity raffle quilt.

First, I wanted to share a picture of the quilt with my proposed quilting design sketch; then follow with two pictures from areas of the quilt.  Here is the proposed quilting design:

Here is the side border #1:

It is similar to the top design I shared before:

Next up is the inner large blank area that I quilted with some lovely undulating feathers:

I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peek into my current project.  I am slowly making progress each day, it is a very large quilt so it does take longer to do.

Regards, Carla


23 thoughts on “Guild Quilt Sneak Peek

  1. your quilting is absolutely gorgeous! Do you mark your design on the top at all? a few reference points, or is it all completely free, just based on your sketches? I love the plumpness of your feathers and flowers – they stand out gorgeously! It was an incredible top, now its going to be an extraordinary quilt!

    • Most of what you see is freehand, excepting the straight line (which is a ruler), and I draw in just the spine for the feather since it is a double line. The flower you see quilted, started as part of stencil, but now I have memorized the design and can replicate it freehand.

      For marking the double spines, I used a marvy uchida erasable fabric marker.

      Thank you for your lovely complements.

  2. Not fair, not fair!!! Your quilting is absolutely breathtaking. I just love your work. Makes me want to practice more to try and be like you when I grow up 🙂
    Patty E

  3. Carla,

    Simply incredible quilting!! By the way, what is a marvy uchida fabric marker. I have never heard of this type of marker. How is it removed from the quilt? Thanks. Dar

    • Hi Darlene, you can find it at It is erasable 3 ways: 1: apply water, 2, let time go by, and 3) the pen has an erasable tip. It comes in a couple of colors, but I like the purple pen. The pink one doesn’t show up as much.

  4. Amazing work — love the feathers — what a gift you have Carla! Your guild is going to be knocked off their feet when they see the quilting on this one.

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