Recycled Sweater Challenge… still ongoing!

In December, I issued a recycled/reuse  sweater or quilt challenge:

For anyone who wants to participate, the details are in this post.  So far, several people have taken up the challenge, and have linked back to this blog.  I will be sharing more of the work in the future, but this week’s Challenge focus in on Judy, of the Apron Strings and Other Ties that Bind blog.

Judy, not only accepted the challenge, but she took it one step further.  She has written a tutorial for how you make mittens by using Thrift Store sweaters.  Here is a sneak peek of her wonderful mittens-in progress:

Be sure to check it her site out as Judy has done a very nice job at showing you each step in the process and yet how to save money by taking something old and outdated and turning them into a lovely, functional mittens with a bit of effort.

This next week, I will make the rounds of my local thrift stores and I will share my finds with you.  On my last visit, I found a name brand top, sized small, sold at Macy’s that I love and has become a lovely piece of my new skinnier wardrobe:

I have been dieting since the end of November, lost 20 lbs and so I need to hunt for interim clothes while I go down a few more dress sizes.  I am excited to report that I now fit into a size 10 now… woo-hoo!

Once I get down a bit more, I will go have my quilting portrait made to use  on my new website in progress and for my avatar.   I tend to be a bit shy with pictures, so I want to get over it. LOL

Ok, that’s my Recycle/Reuse report for the day.  Go forth and visit your thrift stores, and I hope you get inspired to enter this ongoing challenge!  Regards, Carla

6 thoughts on “Recycled Sweater Challenge… still ongoing!

  1. Thank you for the mention, Carla AND congratulations on your weight loss. It does feel good…I’ve dropped 15 lbs and have several more to go. I am making life changes instead of being on a “diet”. I’m already begin to love the new me. I hope you reach your goal as quickly as healthily possible.

    Today I think I’ll make a tea cozy for one of my teapots with some more of my felted wool.

    oxo Judy

    • Hi Judy, loved your mittens- but I do love the idea of a tea cosy. Looking forward to seeing it when finished.

      Congrats on your weight loss, too. I am down 2 dress sizes, I even bought a juniors shirt the other day. LOL

      I still have about 15 more lbs. to go to get down to a size 6. I am feeling so much healthier though.

      Have fun creating! I am off to the studio to work on the large quilt. Hugs, Carla

  2. Wow! 20lbs lost in addition to all your wonderful creativity – envy is kicking in over here as I munch my way through bags of chocolate! Congratulations!

    • Oh Barbara, I do say I miss the chocolate! Especially the yummy British chocolates and candies. Oh well, I am not that deprived as I am drinking a chocolate shake right now that is part of my dietary program.

      I decided to do this for my health as a motivation. Most of my blood chemistry is greatly improved now, plus I have less wear and tear on all my joints.

      Thanks for the good thoughts!

  3. Congrats on the weight loss — I am heading down but the descent is very slow! Want to be a healthier lighter me by the end of this year. Lost 5 lbs in January but am having difficulty this month. You look fabulous!!

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