Guild Quilt and Fireplace

Hello!  I do have two things to share with you today- my new fireplace  mantle and surround, plus a guild opportunity quilt, which is a raffle quilt to raise money.  Both projects are a work in progress.

First up, this is the opportunity quilt for my guild.   Knowing how much I love blank spaces, they designed in 3 spaces for me to play with.  Here is the middle space:

I decided to utilize a pattern design to fill the space and also use my favorite flower.  I used it on the last opportunity quilt, so I thought I would use it again.

Did I mention this is a KING sized quilt?   Keep watching- I will be showing a few more sneak peeks of the quilt as I go.  Any Gold Bug Guild members reading this?


Other happenings:  I have been working with a local company, Hearthco, on a custom fireplace mantle and surround for my great room.   It is not yet finished, but here it is- in progress:

and the front design:

I have been working with Matt, and he is responsible for the wonderful design.  He is very proud of his work, and when it is finished, they plan to take pictures of my new fireplace mantle and surround and put it in their catalog.  So far, everyone who sees it, loves it!  Of course, I do, too!

What are you up to this weekend?  Regards, Carla

19 thoughts on “Guild Quilt and Fireplace

  1. Just when I think you can not get any better with your gorgeous quilting, your next project is even better. I love what you are doing on this and am anxious to see the rest. You are so talented. And – I love the fireplace, too, but that quilting is a jaw dropper!

  2. Jaw dropping is right! I’m still pcking mine up as it keeps falling! That quilting is incredible – can’t wait to see other peeks at this quilt – it looks gorgeous, and should be a great fundraiser. The fireplace surround is also wonderful – Matt is dong a great job!

  3. Wow!! The quilting is going to take this quilt into a show stopper — unbelievable! The fireplace is beautiful — how wonderful to work with a craftsman who does original work. I’m off to lunch with my sweetie and picking up some fabric at JR Flamingo for a future quilt for my niece (she fell in love with it and I didn’t have enough). It’s beautiful outside so maybe some yard work today. My Grandson Shawn is here and needs $$ for his girlfriend (Valentine’s Day) so I’ll have help. :o}

  4. The fireplace design looks a lot like designs I’ve seen in pictures of your quilting. Of course you love it! Wonderful quilting on the opportunity quilt as well. Too bad I won’t be able to see it in person.

  5. waaaaaaaaa, I want to be just like you when I grow up (in quilting that is)!!!! WOW your quilting is absolutely amazing. Makes mine look even more pathetic…sigh. I definitely need to practice somemore :)…great job Carla, you are amazing. Where can we get tickets for this opportunity quilt?

  6. Gorgeous, I love how you use the flower stencil in so many different ways, I haven;t used it in years and came across it today as i was getting things cleaned up for my open house….. The fireplace surround is perfect, worth the wait on your part…. But then we have similar taste to the point of being scary LOL…. It was great chatting this week, still trying to get ahold of Debbie… Still waiting for the new baby???? Hugs

  7. Just finished quilting the quilt that we both whispered on. I used what I had drawn in class and the last border that you added. I am happy with how i turned out and know that I have a long way to go to get to be as good as the teacher.
    And now back to some packing , we are off to Belize on Monday. Have a great week

    • Hi Kim, I have used the usual mix… quilters dream blend select for the bottom and a poly for the top layer. This allows the quilting to show more, but doesn’t scream 2 layers. It is also good for helping with any extra fullness, too.

  8. Carla, the quilt is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! (As usual!) And I love the fireplace surround… did you “whisper” with Matt on the design? It reminds me so much of your border treatments! I am going to add it to my “inspiration” journal, if that’s ok!

    • Hi Jeanne, how are you? I did send Matt some photos of what I liked, and he did an excellent job at showing me what he could do. I love it so far!

      Sure, go ahead and put it in your inspiration folder. 🙂

  9. Love the quilting…..I will love taking this quilt to other guilds. The mantle is beautiful. I think the design looks a lot like some of your border designs, too.

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