Guest Blogger on the Quilting Gallery!

Today, Feb 10th, 2010, I am the guest blogger over on the Quilting Gallery Blog!

I decided to share a bit of humor with the Quilting Gallery Readers, so if you are visiting my blog from there, I do hope you will  leave me a comment.  Did you like it, hate it, enjoy the humor and cartoons, or another viewpoint?  My lovely blog readers, It would be wonderful if you would read the post and comment over on the Quilting Gallery site under my post.  Thank you!

Welcome!!  Do remember to bookmark my page if you want to visit again. 🙂

I wanted to share a few recent quilting awards on quilts I have quilted.

Yesterday, I showed you this quilt by Molly (and quilted by me):

Molly dropped me an email to share that a lovely story quilt she made (and I quilted) won a first place ribbon at the River City quilt show, which is the large guild in Sacramento! Congrats, Molly!!    To see a picture of the quilt, wearing the blue ribbon, along with the entry label listing me as the quilter, click HERE.  Molly made the quilt out of a Mary Lou Weidman story class, so the quilt was featured on Mary Lou’s blog.

Also, Barb reported that the baby quilt I did for her, seen here:

and a close up picture:

won a 2nd place in the wall hanging category at her guild show.  Congrats to Barb!!

Notice I used the same border design on both quilts?  I love this design, it starts as a stencil, then I add lots of quilting to it to get the design shown in both pictures.  That is one of my philosophies… use any design, then add your own spin to it.

Last News:  Be sure to catch Karen Griska’s Selvage Blog.  She is featuring my selvage quilt I shared here on the blog not too long ago.  I love Karen’s Blog and the selvage projects she shares.

Happy Quilting from Carla


9 thoughts on “Guest Blogger on the Quilting Gallery!

  1. Hi there, I have popped over from Quilting Gallery. Thanks for your GREAT post. It was wonderful. Loved all of your stories and drawings. You do really beautiful work!

  2. Hi! I’ve also wandered over from the Quilting Gallery. I love your sense of humour and your work is amazing. I think I’ll have to read your blog regularly. 😀

  3. Hi! I’m another one who found her way here from the Quilting Gallery – loved your cartoons, and your quilts are just beautiful. I’m a beginning machine quilter myself, and it is so inspiring (and sometimes frustrating – will I ever be that good?!) to see other people’s work.

  4. I’ve just popped over from the Quilting Gallery – loved your post and your cartoons are fabulous! Am in total awe of your quilting, just gorgeous. I can only dream of the day when I have such mastery of my machine

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