WIP Thursday

I have been very busy of late… I started an online Quilt Whisperer group for students and others to  meet, I wrote a humorous guest blogging piece for Quilting Gallery to be published within the week, I am finishing one quilt today, and I’m developing a new class to teach on Theme Quilts.  Oh yes, I am also loading a new quilt for a guild (after I finish the quilt mentioned above), and  designing a Valentine beaded jewelry art piece for ArtBeads.com.  All in a day’s work!!  LOL

I think I am staying busy as a therapy to missing Rex. We have decided to not replace him at this time….   Again, thank you for all the comfort and comments about Rex!

I am also in vacation mode and thinking about our vacations this year.  Joe gets his sabbatical this year, so we are planning several trips.  One or two may be sailboat related… and one big one might be an extended trip from the US to New Zealand and Australia by  a boat.  Anyhow, I am looking into it now.

Are you taking a vacation this year??


4 thoughts on “WIP Thursday

  1. Wow, Carla, the sailing trip sounds wonderful. I just joined the quilt whisperer group and look forward to contributing. I was so sorry to hear about Rex, he had such wonderful adventures and not replacing him for awhile is a good decision.


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