WIP Thursday

Work-in-progress time!!  Now that I am over my excitement of new techno gadgets, I turn my attention back to creative pursuits…

My current WIP is another guild quilt.  This time it is for my home guild, the Gold Bug Quilters.  It is a very large quilt with an old fashion flavor, so  I needed to order in a special king sized batting.  So that means I have a few days to create something else while I wait for the batting to arrive.

I also will be creating a new jewelry piece for ArtBeads.com to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  They are having a great sale on all things Valentine theme, so I am now waiting for that order to arrive.

Here is something else I have been working on… how to quilt a fitted comforter  that is specially made for an RV.  Still working on a way to load it, though…  this one is tough!

The other WIP is the new fireplace surround and mantle that I had custom made.  It is set to be delivered and partially installed tomorrow, with the job finished on Monday.  I will take pictures of the “before” and the “after.”

Have a great Thursday!!


One thought on “WIP Thursday

  1. I’m so glad you will be quilting our guild quilt. Look forward to taking it to other quilds to sell opportunity tickets. I’m busy marking my wonky thrift store quilt, so enjoyed your class and learned so much.

    Not sure if I passed on the information about my Thursday quilt group. We meet at Christian Life Center in Pollock Pines. Address: 5723 Pony Express Trails, not sure of the exit on 50. I come across the canyon on Mosquito Rd to Pony Express.

    Take care and regards,
    Mary Brand

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