Apple Anouncement

Carla Note:  If you are looking for info & pics on the new apple ipad, click HERE.

Tomorrow is the long awaited unveiling of the new Apple tablet product.  The buzz is that it will be like a large, oversized  iphone, but will allow apps, act like a book reader, watch TV, movies, and interact with your life in a whole new way.  Oh yes, internet anytime feature, too

Since my old tablet laptop is on its last leg, I am in the market for a new tablet.  I want to draw on it, too.  The other stuff will just be a great perk.

Anyway, I will be watching the announcement closely and placing guesses on the new name choice- ipad? islate? itablet?  ipad is my first guess.

Speaking of technology, I am in week 3 of my online class now.  I find I enjoy teaching in this format, and all the techno stuff I needed to learn to hold the class.  Probably my favorite thing about the new class is all the new people I meet.

Off to work now!  Carla


3 thoughts on “Apple Anouncement

    • Explain, dear Faith??? The joke is zipping right over my head…. I normally get them, but are you poking fun at how techno we are??? What a spoiled technical brat I am? LOL

      You know if it is cool, I must have one! I got my iphone the first day they released them, too.

  1. Just figured he wouldn’t be an apple man.. well and the fact that you are spoiled too.. he he ..Yes i love my iphone but probably won’t be running out to buy an ipad anytime soon..sounds like a lot of people will be. Should be popular.

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