Quilted Selvage Quilt

Hello, I thought I would show you my selvage quilt that I quickely quilted to use as a class sample for a class I’m teaching.  Here are the pics:

The center of the quilt is above.  As you can see,  this picture shows  a very simple selvage quilt.

You can see the quilting just a bit better…

The picture, above, shows you my freeform quilted border, meaning I just quilted it freeform style to give the border texure.

Here is the top of the quilt with more freeform freehand quilting:

Funny how the mottled black fabric looks light in some lighting and darker in others.  Anyway, for all you selvage fans, I am almost done piecing aother selvage quilt, this time a red zinger from the Queen of Selvages herself, Karen Griska! She has a free tutorial on her blog and of course, I recommend her book on selvage quilting.  More info is found on her fun blog.

Update: Here is my red zinger in progress with 2 different settings:

And here is another block arrangement:

I am making this to be a class sample.  I am now auditioning borders and I am feeling in a polka dot mood.  I am posting two alternatives, which one works the best do you think?

Choice 1:

Choice 2:

Rex Watch Update:  For those of you wondering, there is no new info on Rex, he is still missing.  For more information, see this post.

17 thoughts on “Quilted Selvage Quilt

  1. Carla, Love the quilting as usual. Sorry to hear Rex is MIA. My choice is the black background polka dot. The other makes the quilt have an over look of being washed out.

  2. I love the drama of the black quilts, I do on all of them that you have done…..glad for the update on Rex, though I am very sorry about the content of it.


  3. Carla, I’m saying prayers nightly for Rex’s return. I like the black with red polka dot. It’s more dramatic to me. Dar

  4. I like the black with red polka dots. I like the version that looks like X’s

    Love the quilting, as always….

    Sorry to hear no Rex yet

  5. I love your selvage quilts. That machine quilting is gorgeous! I can’t decide which fabrics I like best, they’re both nice. Maybe the red on white is more modern (light and airy), but I like the balck and red too. Can’t go wrong.
    Thanks for mentioning my blog.

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