Tulip Quilt

Here’s a baby quilt that I recently finished for Barb’s daughter and granddaughter.  It will hang on the wall, so I could have some fun and quilt it very pretty instead of merely functional.  It will also be in a local show next month, so I wanted to quilt it special for her.

Here is the block design:

The work shown above is freehanded, no computer here, so it is not perfect.  I am ok with that, I strive for texture and pattern when I quilt.  Any imperfections give it character, right?  LOL

I did use a stencil on the border, a favorite one by Barbara Chainey.  I added some freehand work around it to create more interest and to match the density of the quilting so it would hang nicely.  Barbara is a wonderful quilter, teacher, and designer; I am a fan of her stencil designs!

Anyway, I met with Barb today and she was so sweet to bring me a bag of fresh lemons and an orange from her trees.  She also gave me a plant, I will do my best to water the plant and not kill it.  LOL

Been busy quilting and piecing, too.  Plus my online class starts tomorrow, however, I prepared ahead of time, so I am all set!

Next up on my table is a quilt for me- a class sample with selvages for my selvage quilt class.  What are you up to this week?


12 thoughts on “Tulip Quilt

  1. Thank you , thank you…. everyone will love seeing your beautiful work hanging in Kelsey’s room! As always your quilting is exquisite. I love it!!!

    Always love seeing you — wish it was more often!!


  2. Charming quilt, Carla. It’s so perfect for a newborn. I’m always amazed at how beautifully you quilt the orange peel design.

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