Friday WIP!

I am taking a quick break to type this, but today I am bound and determined to finish a baby quilt I have loaded on my machine.  I only have the last border to go until I am finished!

Then, I will load a small selvage quilt of my own and quilt it for a store class sample.  I will probably also take time to start a second sample, too.  I love playing with selvages!!

It feels good to quilt again!!  Love the holidays, but it does get in the way of quilting.   That, plus I was allowing my body to heal up from a epidural steroid injection into my spine.  Lucky me, it worked and I feel great!!

While I am typing this, my wonderful housecleaning expert, Rachel, is working her lovely magic on my house.  I thought it would be weird to have someone come in and clean, but I quickly got used to it.  I was the sort of person who used to clean before the cleaner came, but I also got over that, too.  I think it is because Rachel is so nice and I think of her as a friend- albeit a friend that cleans my home.  LOL

Joe, aka DH gets back from a business trip today, so I can’t wait to see him.  Let’s see…. finished quilt, clean home, and my sweetheart comes home… Add in that he cooks, too, and life can’t get any better, y’know?  Plus we are babysitting Jack again this weekend, so that is always fun!  Less than a month before my new grand-daughter makes her much anticipated arrival, too!

On my “To-Do” list is to start researching another sailboat bareboat trip to the Caribbean.  We have invited a dear friend and her wonderful husband to come along, so I hope it works out that they can go. (Hello to L & L!!) They do not sail, but that is ok, since Joe and I do.

I am also thinking of organizing a special trip in the South Pacific, too.  If that pans out, I will share more later.

That’s all from featheredfibers central!  Enjoy your weekend!  What plans do you have?

8 thoughts on “Friday WIP!

  1. Can’t wait to see the baby quilt…tee hee… :o} No sneak peeks?

    I’ll be sorting fabric so I’ll probably have my selvedges for you soon.

    Glad Joe’s coming home, that your back is better, and nothing better than a clean house.

    See ya soon. HUGS Barb

  2. Carla, I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your posts so much because you are such a POSITIVE person. And I love birds. And my name is Barrett. And I have a sister in law named Carla. : )
    But mostly because you seem so genuinely happy and positive.
    thanks for sharing that.
    Jain Barrett in Tucson AZ

  3. Wow! So glad your epi’s worked! I’ve had 4 and I only got about a month for each one. Guess surgery is not far away! Thank goodness I’m in the Baltimore area and have wonderful local docs! Keep healing and keep quilting!

    • Oh no, Theresa, so sorry to hear yours only lasted a month. I am keeping my fingers crossed that mine will last longer. The doctor who did it used a special fluoroscope to get the needle placed in just the right spot.

      I will keep having them to put off surgery as long as possible. I do have a 3 level neck fusion that is over 10 years old, that was a very hard and painful surgery. Glad to hear you have a good doc. I went to San Francisco when it came time to surgery and used an orthopedic spinal surgeon.

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