2nd Quilt Whisperer Class Begins Next Monday!

Next Monday, January 11, 2010, I start another Quilt Whisperer Online Class at Machine Quilting Resource.  The last class filled up fast, so sign up before this class is full, too.

The class is open to all levels of machine quilters, and covers a wide variety of topics concerning how to approach a blank quilt top and design it.  The class is taught with 3 lessons over a period of 3 weeks.  In addition, I have included videos, too, plus there is a class forum, a live moderated chat, and fun creative exercises, too.

A favorite part of the class is where I illustrate what I am teaching on student’s quilt tops and include them in Lesson 3.  I have a high tech approach to designing quilts, so I teach that as well.

Anyway, I thought I would mention one more time that the class is set to begin soon.   Sign up now!

Regards, Carla


5 thoughts on “2nd Quilt Whisperer Class Begins Next Monday!

  1. Carla,
    I am in your online class “Quilt Whisperer”. Could you tell me what type of tablet you use to audition designs on quilts.


    PS Also I love this site and have added it to my favorites!

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