Thrift Store Shopping

OK, I just can’t help myself, I just have to go hunting to find just the perfect old sweater to use in my challenge.  In case you missed it, here is the link to my challenge:

I will be looking for a variety of items, but my main goal is to find sweaters to felt, and sweaters to unravel.  I will report back and let you know how I did and whether my hunt was successful.

To change topics, I met with my local quilt store (LQS) yesterday and scheduled 5 classes I will be teaching in Feb-April, 2010.  3 are project classes and 2 are design theory classes.  If you live in Northern California, check out my classes at High Sierra Quilters.  They should be up on their website soon.  If you visit their site, notice the quilt on the main page.  That is a quilt I quilted about 5 years ago, and was auctioned off for $5,000.00.  It is now hanging in a private installation.

While I was there I purchased some lovely batik fabric to strip and make into a LARGE crochet bag for myself.  Most of my fabric crochet creations have been medium sized to small.  This one will be larger, so wish me luck on figuring out the pattern as I wing it.  Oh yes, I do have a free fabric crochet tutorial for you to see.

Now I’m off to create something, anything.


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