Thrift Store Shopping Result

I went, I saw, and I bought!!  I love going to thrift stores, you never know what you will find.  If you know your brands, you can find some really nice clothes for just a few dollars each.

Here is a very attractive blouse in a lovely color:

J.Jill is a wonderful brand and the blouse new would have cost at least 200% more than I paid.

Next,  I found a silk sweater from Ann Taylor:

I am thinking of unwinding the sweater and re-using the lovely silk yarn.

I found another nice empire waist blouse by a brand I see at macys:

Next up is a light jacket shirt by Chicos, would look fabulous over a white tank or shirt.  It looks better in person that it does in the photo.

On this shirt/jacket, I saved over $100, I bet.

But wait!  I was there to hunt for sweaters!!  Was I successful?  You bet!  First up is a teal sweater that will be re-made into a sweater wrap with crochet trim when I get done with it:

Looks pretty boring now, but it has potential, I tell you!

Last up was my best find of the day, a 100% wool Ralph Lauren blue sweater.  Here it is before the felting:

I will add a picture of it felted in the morning, so you can see how much it shrunk.  I always wash the clothes I buy to remove the Thrift Store Cooties.  You don’t know where they have been, y’know?  Best to be safe.

I will document what I do with the sweaters above.  It will be fun to work with them both!

Anyone care to share their Thrift Store Outing?  Carla


7 thoughts on “Thrift Store Shopping Result

  1. WOW, what a SCORE you made at the thrift store! Do you concern yourself with sizes when you purchase? I suppose it depends on what you plan to do with it. My luck in my area is no where near as good as yours OR they want way too much money.

    Love the color of the wool sweater. Can’t wait to see what you do with all your finds.

    • Karen, when you look for wool sweaters, I always look for the largest size I can. Scoring a men’s XL in a nice bright color is always a plus!

      As for the other name brand items, I am looking for small sized clothes to build up my wardrobe for the svelte new body I am getting. Right now I wear a medium, and my goal is to fit into that Petite small by next month. LOL

    • Debbie, you live close enough, we can plan an outing one day when you are not working. I love shopping early in the week because they have put out lots of donated items from the weekend.

      Good score on the quilt, too!

  2. Love the b/w Chico’s jacket– wear a chicken tee under it!!

    Have you been successful at unravelling knitted sweaters? I tried once, and gave up. Maybe …. nah. Never mind. You do it!

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