Products That Make My Life Easier…

I thought I would share a variety of items that make my life just a little bit easier.

Shark Steam Cleaning Mop– My eldest son showed me his Shark Steam Cleaning Mop and how easy it was to use.  I decided to buy one and try it out.  Here is what it looks like:

End Result:  I love it!!  It really works well on my travertine floor and leaves it shiny clean!  Well worth the $$ to buy their best model priced just over $100.

Maax Jetted “Infinity” Whirlpool Tub–  When I was building my house, I splurged on a corner unit whirlpool tub that has lots of features:

I love my tub and use it frequently- at least 5-6 times per week.    Most people have a jacuzzi tub in their master suite, however, they never ever use it.  I use mine and this brand has worked well for me.

My 3g iphone– I am now on my 2nd iphone, and I wonder how I lived without it?

It does anything I want it to do.  Ok, it doesn’t cook my dinners, but I can easily download a recipe app to see what I can cook for dinner.

My Insta-hot

Want instant hot water for your coffee press or tea bag?  I have it all the time thanks to my insta-hot faucet.   No need to ever boil water again.

Solar Power– I love my solar power for many reasons:

Besides being green, the main reason I love my solar system is that we went from paying a fortune each month to PG&E, our power company, to  basically only paying a small nominal fee for just the meter.  Our bill, at its worst, used to be about $600-800 per month.   Having a solar system just makes good financial sense, if you can afford the upfront fees.

New International Kindle–  I am a kindle convert now and love having tons of books at my disposal.  A bonus… if I am traveling out of the US, I can still download any book to read on my trip.

LogiTech Harmony TV remote and entertainment system:

All I have to do is push a visual button to watch TV, play a DVD, listen to music, surf the internet on my TV screen, rent or download an itunes song or movie, watch instantly a netflix movie, view You Tube videos,  and look through our picture gallery.  Plus, there are no wires anywhere to look at.  How cool is that??

Last item on my list is my Landmark TV Lift cabinet in my bedroom.  Who wants to see a large flat screen on the wall in your bedroom?  I sure do not, so I purchased a TV Lift cabinet from

Mine looks great, and it even matches my bedroom furniture and holds a 52″ flat screen TV.

Now when I want to watch TV, all I push is a button and my TV rises up for viewing.  When I am done, I hit another button and close it.  No more looking at ugly TV’s!!  LOL

I love items that make your life easier.  Do you have an item like this that enriches your life and other people need to know about?  I want to hear!  Regards, Carla


11 thoughts on “Products That Make My Life Easier…

  1. WOW — you do have LOTS of toys! I’m interested in the shark — can you use it on Wilsonart — wood-look laminate? I know I was told NOT to use water or spill water on the floor.

    I’ve had the instant hot water in another house — love that and miss it.

    That tub looks like heaven!!!

    Lewis bought himself a Christmas present — arrived yesterday and this new Blue Ray DVD will download of Netflix — since we’re movie fanatics I’m anxious to see how this works.

    Love the TV that pops up. Not in my future but a cool thing to have.

    • You will love the Netflix “Watch Instantly” feature! Lots of good movies to watch. I bet Lewis willfind lots of history items and documentaries that he will watch too.

      Yes, I believe you can use the Shark on your floor. What is interesting about the Shark is that the steam cleans the floor, but it then dries almost instantly. No wet floors to walk on and ruin.

  2. I have the Shark, in fact i am on my second one. My husband uses it everyday if not twice a day(hes a cleaning freak) on our wood laminate floors and it diffidently takes the place of a mop and of laminate cleaners. With three small children we couldn’t live without it.

    Would love a solar system and i am working on that kindle.

    • LOL, my son sounds like your husband! They use it all the time with the kids spilling foods, etc. I have used it twice now and love how it dries almost instantly.

      The solar system was purchased at a time when the state and fed government were offering tax incentives. Check in your state to see if it is more affordable than you think.

      We are not planning to move, so it makes sense for us.

      Nice chatting with you!

  3. Is yours the “Steam Pocket Mop”? It has a steam duster for hardwood floors and then three other “pocket” attachements for various surfaces. Looks very interesting!

  4. Touchstone, your post was flagged spam, so I rescued and posted it. Thanks for the proper links, I went ahead and fixed the picture and link. Now everyone can have their own lift just like mine! LOL

    Yes, go ahead and link to my post. Thanks for the correction, too. Hmmm… now I need the extra cabinet to store my Wii fit and other goodies.

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