Recycle/Reuse & Other Crafty Tutorials

I went web surfing this morning and found some really interesting and cool tutorials to share with you.  I have organized them into various craft areas below.

Fabric Jewelry

Stiffened Fabric Jewelry by Sister Diane

Stiffened Fabric Jewelry Tutorial by Sister Diane is found on the CraftyPod blog.  Lovely fabric jewelry, I plan to make some soon.


Artist Kate Cusack’s Zippered Flower

Zipper Flower Tutorial on Craftster by Eli-chan.   Also see artist Kate Cusack and how she uses zippers in her amazing work, too.


Louis Vuitton Knock off Fabric Bead Necklace by Froo*gal

Louis Vuitton “knock off” Fabric Bead Necklace Tutorial by Froo*gal- Great tutorial!

and here is another one:

Fabric Beads Necklace Tutorial– Julie Hardee  on the Martha Stewart site.  See the video, too.


Terrific Necklace by Mixi

Fabric squares Necklace Tutorial by Mixi- Another great Craftster tutorial.  I really love this website.


Mixed Media Projects:

by Diane Gilleland

Soda Can Flower Brooch Tutorial-by Diane Gilleland on the Craft Stylish Blog.  Quench your thirst and be stylish- all in one wonderful tutorial!


Stacked Button Necklace and Photo by Kayte Terry

Stacked Button Necklace Tutorial by Kayte Terry.  This tutorial makes me want to pull out my button collection and play!


Recycle/Reuse Jewelry Tutorial- How to make Shrinky Dink jewelry out of  recycling #6 Plastic.


Scrabble Tile Pendant Tutorial by ihow.  (note by Carla- the website is no longer up and operating.  Google “scrabble tile tutorial” for more information.)


That’s my list for today.  I do think that the lovely crafts above should get you plenty of ideas for being creative in 2010!  Hugs, Carla

14 thoughts on “Recycle/Reuse & Other Crafty Tutorials

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  2. I love your site! Can I ask where you got the artwork for the scrabble tiles? I could not find a link with it.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Susy, looks like the web site is now defunct. I would google “scrabble tile tutorial” and then design your own. I will put up a note on this post since it is a couple of years old now.

      • Hi Carla,

        Awww, thanks for your reply. I was aware the post was an old one. I have searched for the tutorial and it seems to have disappeared into thin air, I thought something so accomplished would appear on a blog somewhere but it seems not.

        I am just looking at your beautiful quilts on pinterest. You are very talented and must have amazing patience. I could never do that. Thank you for replying anyway Carla.

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