New Year Beading

Here are my first creations of the New Year, at least my first work in progress (WIP):

The color palette was inspired by the lovely turquoise pendant in the back of the photo, shown above.  The beadweaving stitch is called a spiral peyote.  I still have lots of work to do before I complete it, but I thought I would share it with you.

Here are the beads:

I also made a first prototype, a much larger diameter spiral.  Below, you can see it as compared with my second attempt:

This type of off-loom beadweaving is also called Cellini spiral.  Here is a tutorial I found on the internet in case you wish to make one for yourself.

Today, we are spending the New Year with my grandson, Jack.  He is coming in a bit and will spend the day with us and also the night.  Being a grandmother is the BEST thing in the world!!

Happy New Year to you and yours!!  Carla


3 thoughts on “New Year Beading

  1. I agree with Vicki – the colors are wonderful. Checked out the tutorial and do not think this is a hobby that would last too long in my home. One because it looks like it requires much patience and two because the cat would just love to pounce on the bead tray! I’m not really interested in picking up a million beads off the carpet any time soon. This hobby will have to remain in your able hands while some of us will just to admire from afar.

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