Looking for a Christmas Present?

Still need to buy that perfect gift for your special someone?  Perhaps someone who spends a lot of time in their car?  I have just the right gift for you to buy from amazon.com.

An executive Laptop Steering Wheel Desk from a company called “Mobile Office.”  Still Undecided?  Here is what it looks like:

Wondering how to use it?  Perhaps this will help:

By now, I hope you have figured out that I am certainly kidding.  However, this is a real product being sold on Amazon.  It clearly shows that people will buy any stupid item or gadget.  What makes this product so hilarious is in reading the product reviews, with each reviewer trying to outdo each other with totally fake, but hilarious reviews.

Here are a few examples:

Makes a Great Cutting Board-I usually prepare a rotisserie chicken for lunch during my drive to work, as I have found the Ronco rotisserie fits perfectly on the passenger seat. Until now, however, I’ve had no place to prepare cole slaw or slice tomatoes for my salad during the trip. This thing is a godsend! I no longer have to waste my morning coffee break chopping cabbage on the men’s room counter!

“These work great in the cockpit for our transcontinental flight!” [Written by a Northwest Airline Pilot]

“Wow is this thing great! I can quickly fix multiple shots of tequila for myself and the friends as we drive from one bar to the next.”

“Good for Breasfeeding!! I got this for my wife, and it works perfectly. Now she has something to balance the baby on so that she can nurse him while driving comfortably.”

“Perfect for my sushi delivery business. Now I can prepare sushi and sashimi between delivery stops. I have cancelled my lease on the restaurant and fired my sushi chef. My hands get a little messy after a while buy I can wipe them off on all the money I’m making.”

and my favorite, since I wrote it:

Rated 2 Stars: “This product was not made for  feminine drivers who wish to put their makeup on while taking a corner at a fast clip. I think this could be improved upon by having a small lip to prevent my makeup from sliding off. Oh yes, perhaps it could also come in decorative colors to match my car’s interior, too.”

… and about 420 more comments like this.

There are also photos added, too:

If you look close, you can see the product on the bottom


Anyway, I hope this tickles your funny bone as it tickled mine.   I do think that eventually Amazon will get clued in and scrub all the reviews.  Especially the one about the boy and his parish priest and you fill in the blank.  Shocking!

Merry Christmas!  Carla


5 thoughts on “Looking for a Christmas Present?

  1. Thanks for the giggle. I blogged about it and linked my readers to your blog. You said it best. Thanks.
    I had to add, however, to make sure and look at the 77 customer images.
    The Amazon shoppers sure have a great sense of humor.

  2. Loved it! I must say the make up one is my favorite as I’ve seen many a woman putting on make-up while driving all over the road!!

  3. Oh, my …. Have to go to Amazon, find that gadget and send the URL to my son. His wife just got a featherweight computer of some sort (they have lots of different ones) and he’ll really enjoy the spoof.
    I know I did…..

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