ArtBead Challenge

Today, I am pleased to reveal my finished design for my latest Challenge.  I have shared previously that I am honored to be a part of their Blogging Designer’s program where I get to try out new items and then review them on my blog.

This time, I got to select from a wide variety of Cubic Zirconia products to base my design on.  I chose a variety of Cubic Zirconia beads to showcase, including this lovely cubic zirconia pendant which became my focal piece.  Here is my inspiration piece:

Here is a picture of my main focal pendant up close:

Cubic Zirconia  Faceted Twist Oval Drop- Peridot

Review:  I am not usually a “bling” person, but I love mixing shiny beads with matte beads and fibers in my work.  I loved what I chose and as always, the fast delivery service I received from  I continue to be impressed with this company.

The quality of the Cubic Zirconia Peridot pendant was exceptional.  You can tell this from the images above.

How I made this project:

My inspiration was the peridot pendant.  Coming from a quilting and fiber background, I decided to stay true to my art and incorporate fabric into the design.  Here is the batik fabric used, which also inspired my color pallette:

I  braided the batik fabric with some matching yarn to get the base fiber necklace form.  This was scaled to just slip over my head, so no clasps were needed.   I next decided to tie the ends together and make a tassel out of fabric, yarn and beads.  My lovely peridot pendant rests on top of the tassel with just enough contrast to stand out and catch the eye.

I have included some peyote stitched beads above the tassel and I am now finishing the project by sewing on some peridot crystals I have on the necklace strap.  This will bring some more visual interest to the strap as well.

I hope you enjoy this project, I know I have.  Thanks to for providing free-of-charge the peridot pendant for my honest review.  Please note that I have not been paid to write this by, and I have complete freedom to create my design and discuss how I like or did not like the product provided.

Coming News… I will be having a blog giveaway soon, so keep watching!

Regards, Carla Barrett

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